Horse Riding
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Lake Toya is a caldera lake in Shikotsu-Toya National Park, one of the No.1 tourist attractions in Hokkaido.This region features hot springs and an active volcano which last erupted in the year 2000.The beautiful lake was chosen as the location of the the G8 summit which Japan hosted in 2008.
Lake Toya
Available time period
‐16 Mar 2019. 
Required time
* Lake Hill Trekking (late May - Oct): 90 mins

* Lake Trekking (year-round): 40 mins (Apr - Nov)/ 35 mins (Dec - Mar)

* Family Lake Trekking (year-round): 35 mins (Apr - Nov)/ 30 mins (Dec - Mar)

For all programs, starting times are:
(15:20 is final in Oct-Mar)
Program fee
Lake Trekking: 6050 yen
Trek on the forest road over the ups and downs, and you will be surprised by the splendid right in front of you!
Available time period
All Year
Program fee
90-minute Course (1 person): 13200 yen
No.2163Program currently off season
Enjoy horseback riding in Hokkaido's beautiful nature.
You can hardly imagine that you are only 40 minutes away from downtown Sapporo.
Welcome to WILD MUSTANG'S, where a western community is born in Sapporo's outback!
Pick-up service available from your hotel in Sapporo!
Available time period
1 Apr. - 30 Nov. 2019
Program fee
: 9100 yen
No.2271Program currently off season
British style riding along the seashore and plains of Hokkaido!
Even total beginners can enjoy a relaxing, carefree ride!
Pick-up service available from your hotel in Sapporo!
A rare experience of riding horses along the beach of the Sea of Japan!
Ishikari (pick-up Sapporo)
Available time period
1 Apr. - 30 Nov. 2020
Required time
4.5 hours
(08:45am-01:15pm, 12:15pm-04:45pm)
Program fee
: 11700 yen
No.5115Program currently off season
At the mountain districts of Hokkaido, magnificent nature and people’s compact everyday life exist hand in hand. This is a high-quality private tour, that is filled with plenty of interaction with the locals, as well as learning about the history and the local culture, including Ainu culture and customs.
Available time period
May - Oct
Program fee
Adult (Over 7 years old): 50000 yen
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