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No. 4307Program currently off season
Otaru coastal scenery cruise 【Otamoi coast /Blue cave course-90 minutes】

【Otaru】Enjoy the view of grate force cliff from the sea. Please feel the energy of nature.

Cruise along the coast of Otaru to enjoy a view, unlike anything you will find on land.
The awesome beauty of the landscape that has been passed down from ancient times.
Explore the natural wonders of Otaru's coastal line, which perpendicular cliffs and blue ocean that reaches deep into coastal caves.

--The Bule cave--
Depending on the weather, the color inside the cave chenges to different mystical color of blue.
With the reflection of the light from the sun,"blue"is the most difficult of the seven colors of the rainbow to be absorbed by water. When the light from the sun, blue is the only color besides the six other colors of the rainbow that isn't absorbed by water, which makes the entire ocean look blue.
The higher the degree of transparency for the sea makes for more vivid and visible blue color. The Blue Cave is blue because the high transparency of the seabed gives it a greatly illuminated radiant blue hue.

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Program details
Available time period

2019-03-01 - 2019-11-30

Required time
About 1.5hours
・Summer(April to October)
①8:00 ②9:00 ③10:00 ④11:00 ⑤12:00 ⑥13:00 ⑦14:00 ⑧15:00 ⑨16:00 ⑩17:00
①9:00 ②10:00 ③11:00 ④12:00 ⑤13:00 ⑥14:00 
⑦15:00 ⑧16:00
Program fee
Adult(12 years old and above):5,000 yen
Child(6-11years old):2,500 yen
Child (0-5years old):0 yen
Included in this fee
Tour fee
Life Jacket
Not included in fees
Personal expenses
Robata-Yaki (seafood BBQ).
*If you would like to enjoy Robara-Yaki, please writ your choice of
seafood to request form.
・Fish(Semi-dry fish)
Atka mackerel :800yen、Pacific herring:800yen、Pacific herring (with herring roe):1000yen、Souhachi-flounder:700Yen、Brown sole:800Yen、
Pacific saury:500Yen、Shishamo smelt(4 fishes)700Yen、
・Shell fish
Genghis kahn:800yen
Beer:500Yen、Japanese Sake:500yen、Coca cola:150yen、
Payment method
Cash on site.
group / party
Maximum 48 people.(by 4 boas)

Guides' recommendations,
highlights in this area
Enjoy Otaru cruising and explore blue cave.
If you are very very lucky, you may see a "sea lion" on the rock in the sea.
Requirements for participation
Meeting location
Required Items
Requirements for participation
Minimum passenger count:2people
Meeting location
Takajima 1 Chome, 3-18, Otaru, Hokkaido,
Address of meeting location
Otaru, Hokkaido

Take Hokkaido Chuo Bus Otaru Shinai Honsen, 20 mins from Otaru JR Station, get off at Takajima 2 chome

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Things to bring / required items
Flat and non-slippery shoes.
No High heels.

The program may cancel or change cruising course in case of weather sudden change and high waves.
We have to refuse to participate below case for safety reason.
Expecting mother, Drunk person, Persons with back problems.

3 days~1 day in advance・・ 30%
Cancel on the day・・・・・100%
*No cancellation charge in case of tour canceled by weather condition.
Otaru Hokkaido
Available time period
2019-03-01 - 2019-11-30
Required time
About 1.5hours
Program fee
Adult(12 years old and above):5,000 yen
Child(6-11years old):2,500 yen
Child (0-5years old):0 yen
Operator Information
Operator Information

Katsuyuki Kobayashi


Otaru is the only coastal quasi-national park in Hokkaido.
This tour cruises on the Otaru coastline, which is said to be a secret place.
The magnificent view of the wilderness that continues from the era ancient times makes us forget the time and everyday life.


Please enjoy a magnificent view of Otaru from the sea. If you are lucky, you will see blue shining sea water in the cave.

Company information

Company:Otaru Fun Crusing
Address:3-18 2 chome Takajima,Otaru Hokkaido