Enjoy Winter in Sapporo! Empty-Handed Ice Fishing! And Let's eat "Wakasagi" Fish Tempura you just caught!!
If you have half a day, you can enjoy a winter activity just like local Sapporoites do! Just bring winter clothes to keep yourselves warm, and you can go for ice fishing empty-handed. Get the caught smelt fish cooked into tempura and taste them right out of the hot oil, making your winter holiday a truly unforgettable one in Sapporo.
Hokkaido Takarajima Travel
We will provide the fishing equipment! Experience ice fishing empty-handed. You can taste "Wakasagi" fish tempra on site. Fun with kids. Let's go to Ice Fishing!!

During that day, the weather was very cold and windy. It's a fun activity for those who have yet to try fishing during winter. Really a good experience.
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