Enjoy Winter in Sapporo! Empty-Handed Ice Fishing! And Let's eat "Wakasagi" Fish Tempura you just caught!!
If you have half a day, you can enjoy a winter activity just like local Sapporoites do! Just bring winter clothes to keep yourselves warm, and you can go for ice fishing empty-handed. Get the caught smelt fish cooked into tempura and taste them right out of the hot oil, making your winter holiday a truly unforgettable one in Sapporo.
Hokkaido Takarajima Travel
We will provide the fishing equipment! Experience ice fishing empty-handed. You can taste "Wakasagi" fish tempra on site. Fun with kids. Let's go to Ice Fishing!!

Overall is ok but the food of lunch is cold and taste is kind of bad....Fishing tools have some broken parts...
Dear K. W, thank you very much for your honest review, and very sorry for the lunch. Ice fishing is taken place out of downtown, and the location limits the choice of lunch. We apologize for this inconvenience cause. Anyway, we will share your review with the restaurant and our fishing guides, and do our best to improve our service. Thank you very much again! --- Misa from HTIT
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