Farm Style Cooking - Soba and Mochi Making
At “Friendly Farm” near Sapporo, you can participate in this special program of making traditional Japanese saba noodles and mochi. Double the fun!!! In the morning, you make soba noodles from scrach and eat freshly made soba for lunch, then pound & round mochi in the afternoon. Don't miss out on this rare opportunity to experience soba and mochi making. You are welcome to relax in our big log cabin, even take a nap. Please feel free to treat our farm as your second country home! We also have karaoke! Enjoy a whole day at our farm !
Enjoy Japanese traditional food, catered in the farmers style!

Our favorite day in Hokkaido for my family! Sato-san and Saeko-san welcomed us to Friendly Farm and we had the best time making soba, red bean paste, and pounding mochi! Farm fresh veggies for tempura with our lunch. We also enjoyed walking the farm - peaceful and a chance to run around and play for our girls! Thank you for this wonderful experience!!!
thank you for your wonderful comment.
We were very happy to be with you. And we enjoyed running around and laughing together with lovely girls. We hope to see you again soon!

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