[Program currently off season] Experience a DOG SLEDDING Tour in Tokachi ♪ (12km)

  • Program
    Basic Plan: 2 adults:34,560 yen
    High Season: 2 adults:35,640 yen
    Low Season: 2 adults:33,480 yen

    * We have other plans.
    Please get more information from
    [Program details] below.
    time period
    15 Dec 2017 - 25 March 2018
    Approx. 2 hours
    ※Dog sledding:40-60 min
    Language Japanese,English

A 12km long dog sledding tour through Tokachi's vast snow fields!

Welcome to Mushing Works Dog Sled Tours, which is located in Tokachi at the foot of Mt. Daisetsu.
We specialize in dog sled tours.

"Basic Plan" is for a dog sled ride with 1-3 people.
Let's go for a 12km ride! Our guide will accompany you by snowmobile for the entire tour.
First timers are also welcome. We will guide and support you for maximum fun!

"Sprint Sled Dog Challenge Plan" is for a single rider. It allows you to go much faster.
Feel the power of our Alaskan Huskies!
We will take photos and videos of your tour. You can download them for free from our customers-only webpage later.

We in Mushing Works are more than happy to customize your tour to accommodate children and beginners,
to setting up a more challenging course for the more experienced. It's safe and fun for everybody!

High Season - Every Sat. & Sun.; Dec. 22-31,2017; Jan. 1-8, 2018; Feb. 6-12, 2018
Low Season - Mar. 12-21, 2018
  • Let's race through the snowfields! What a view!

  • Our course length totals 12 km. A totally white snowfield, a path in the woods, long straight line paths or thrilling tight curves...You won't be bored!

  • Our custom dog sled accommodates two people. Both can control the sled at the same time.

Program details
Program [Program currently off season] Experience a DOG SLEDDING Tour in Tokachi ♪ (12km)
Program fee

1) Basic Plan: 2 adults:34,560 yen
2) Basic Plan: 1 adult+1 youth 6-9:34,560 yen
3) Basic Plan: 3 adults:43,200 yen
4) Basic Plan: 2 adult+1 youth 6-9:45,360 yen
5) Basic Plan: 2 adult+1 child 3-5:43,200 yen
6) Basic Plan: 1 adult+2 youth 6-9:43,200 yen
7) Basic Plan : 1 adult/Self Driven or With instructor:34,560 yen
8) High Season: 2 adults:35,640 yen
9) High Season: 1 adult+1 youth 6-9:35,640 yen
10) High Season: 3 adults:44,280 yen
11) High Season: 2 adult+1 youth 6-9:46,440 yen
12) High Season: 2 adult+1 child 3-5:44,280 yen
13) High Season: 1 adult+2 youth 6-9:44,280 yen
14) High Season : 1 adult/Self Driven or With instructor:35,640 yen
15) Low Season: 2 adults:33,480 yen
16) Low Season: 1 adult+1 youth 6-9:33,480 yen
17) Low Season: 3 adults:42,120 yen
18) Low Season: 2 adult+1 youth 6-9:44,280 yen
19) Low Season: 2 adult+1 child 3-5:42,120 yen
20) Low Season: 1 adult+2 youth 6-9:42,120 yen
21) Low Season : 1 adult/Self Driven or With instructor:33,480 yen

Available time period

2017-12-15 - 2018-03-25

Available time period Detail ***High Season***
- Every Sat. & Sun.
- Dec. 22-31,2017
- Jan. 1-8, 2018
- Feb. 6-12, 2018

***Low Season***
- Mar. 12-21, 2018
Required time Approx. 2 hours
※Dog sledding:40-60 min
※includes changing clothing, instruction, tea time after tour
group / party Up to 3 people
Requirements for participation * Adult: Weight 30kg and over.
* Child: Weight less than 30kg.
* Child: Ages 2 and under cannot join.
* Members total weight must be under 160kg per 1 sled.
* "Sprint Sled Dog Challenge Plan" participants must be adults.

<< Combination >>
- 2 Adults
- 1 Adult + 1 Youth [6-9 yeas old]
- 3 Adults
- 2 Adult + 1 Youth [6-9 yeas old]
- 2 Adult + 1 Children [3-5 yeas old]
- 1 Adult + 2 Youth [6-9 yeas old]
- 1 adult/Self Driven or With instructor
- 1 adult/Sprint Sled Dog Challenge Plan

■Basic Plan Adult / Child
1-3 guests ride on our original dog sled
You can change position freely.

* Our tour is based on 2 Adults per sled.
If you participate in the groups of three, one of you will ride on snowmobile with our guide.
On the way you can change sled driver when we often stop.
So all of you have a chance to be driver a dog sled!
The guide will assist you by snowmobile at all times.

■Sprint Sled Dog Challenge Plan for only Adult (Afternoon session only)
High Speed Mushing with Single Dog Sled!
This program is only for those who have some experience dog sledding before or experience Snow Sport ( ski, snowboarding, etc), MTB, Surfing, Horse back Riding, etc, or repeat customer.

Things to bring / required items If you need extra warm clothes or have difficulty in bringing everything you need, you can borrow outer wear clothing, winter boots, hats, and winter gloves free of charge. Ski wear is perfect for this activity.

It is recommended that you wear long underwear (top and bottom), preferably non-cotton.
100% cotton doesn't hold heat very well, making it difficult to maintain a steady body temperature.
Jeans or cotton outerwear are not good for this type of activity. Socks and hats should be wool, fleece, or other synthetic fabrics that will keep you warm.
Bring sunglasses, ski goggles, etc.
Please ask us if you have any questions regarding what to wear.
Included in this fee Guide fee, activity fee, outdoor insurance fee, taxes,
Not included in fees Lunch
*We can arrange a lunch upon request for those who participate for the entire day. Please let us know at the time of booking.
Meeting location Mushing Works Kennel
Address of meeting location Urimaku Nishi 31-25 ,Shikaoi-cho, Kato-gun, Hokkaido

Shintoku JR station by JR Express train(2 hours from Sapporo)
-*No pick up service available. please take a taxi from JR shintoku station to Mushing Works.

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Pick Up Service No Pick up / Drop off service
Payment method Paid in advance:

* High Season *
1) Every Sat. & Sun, 2)Dec. 22-31,2017, 3)Jan. 1-8, 2018, 4)Feb. 6-12, 2018
* Low Season *
5) Mar. 12-21, 2018

Please note that when you complete the application form
it may indicate cash as the method of payment.
“Mushing Works” will contact you via e-mail regarding further information. For bank transfers, please use the name of the person who is heading the group.
Handling fee must be paid by the customer.
Language Japanese,English

Guides' recommendations,
highlights in this area
If you are visiting us after mid January, we recommend that you go to Kotan on Lake Shikaribetsu. Check it out!


* This is an outdoor activity. Please understand that in the event of a snow storm, we may need to cancel the tour.
* In case of an accident, please understand that we can not compensate you beyond our insurance coverage.
* Please follow the guide's instructions at all times.
* Monday and Thursday are normally day off.
(Please refer the calendar.)


Cancellation fee:
The following penalty fees may apply for customer cancellations on short notice:
100% of the program fee (within 24 hours of the day of tour)
70% (within 24 - 48 hrs)
50% (within 48-72 hours)

Inquire for reservation
Click on a date you would like from the calendar
* Please close other screens (tabs, windows) as much as possible and proceed your reservation.
ok*The days in green mean that you can apply for this activity.
*The days in gray mean that this activity is not available on that day.

* Please click on a day in the calendar, enter your information and click submit.

* Submission of this request form does not complete the reservation process.

* Applications are on first-come, first-serve basis. Therefore, even if the application was submitted successfully, there is a possibility that the activity has already been fully booked. If the guide cannot accept your request on your desired date, the guide/instructor may offer you other dates as an alternative.

* After applying, the guide/instructor will reply you about your request within a few days via email.

* If you don't receive a reply from the guide/instructor within a few days after submitting the request form, please kindly contact the guide/instructor directly.

* The deadline for submission of request is 5 days before the desired date to allow for processing time. Therefore please send request early.

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  • Takeshi Takita

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    Welcome to Mushing Works Sled Dog Tours. We offer the best and the long distance dog sledding tours in Hokkaido.You can enjoy dog sledding with our friendly huskies, and beautiful scenary of Tokachi snowfield.
    We have started dog sledding tours since 2012. We are the only one operating Dog Sledding tours in Tokachi area, Hokkaido. We would like to share such a wonderful experience of dog sledding on the vast white Tokachi plains.


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    Address:Urimaku Nishi31-25 Katogun Shikaoi Hokkaido, JapanShikaoi-cho, Kato-gun Hokkaido

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