[Program currently off season] Dog Sledding near Asahikawa

  • Program
    [JAN/FEB]Group of 2 adults:16,000yen p/p
    [JAN/FEB]Group of 3 adults:12,000yen p/p
    [MAR]Group of 2 adults:14,000yen p/p
    [MAR]Group of 3 adults:10,000yen p/p
    * More information of other price,
    please see [Program details] .
    time period
    2018-12-16 - 2019-03-15
    2 hrs
    AM session: 10:00-12:00
    PM session: 14:00-16:00
    Language Japanese,English

Great way to enjoy the snowfield... don't miss out on the fun!

Dog sledding is a winter outdoor activity where you ride on the sled controlling the dogs pulling it.
It gets smoother and more fun as you get to know each dog better.
We have had customers in various ages from 6 to 70's, and are willing to provide the fun to everybody!

* The course is about 7 km and share 1 sled with everyone take turns riding.
Example in a group of four, one person is riding the dogsled, three are riding in a passenger sled pulled by the snowmobile ahead of the dogsled team. We rotate positions as each rider travels their portion of the trail.
The persons riding in the passenger sled are facing backward, so they can observe and photograph the rider.

*The languages of instruction are mostly English (Japanese also available), it does not take a high athletic ability to dogsled, but it does take alertness, balance and an ability to understand the instructions, both in the instruction room and on the trail.
We have an instruction video, however, an ability to understand a shouted command in English on the trail may save you , the dogs and us from an unpleasant situation.
  • Self-ride our easy steering handmade dogsled over a scenic 7 km well prepared course.

  • We choose a dogsled team that will give you a fast, exciting and safe ride. A dogsled team really loves to run together.

  • Let's run with us!!

Program details
Program [Program currently off season] Dog Sledding near Asahikawa
Program fee

[JAN/FEB] A group of 2 adults (16,000yen per person):16,000 yen
[JAN/FEB] A group of 3 adults (12,000yen per person):12,000 yen
[JAN/FEB] A group of 4 adults(10,000yen per person):10,000 yen
[JAN/FEB] Observation price for 1 person from leading snowmobile:3,000 yen
[MAR] A group of 2 adults (14,000yen per person):14,000 yen
[MAR] A group of 3 adults (10,000yen per person):10,000 yen
[MAR] A group of 4 adults (8,000yen per person):8,000 yen
[MAR] Observation price for 1 person from leading snowmobile:2,500 yen

Available time period

2018-12-16 - 2019-03-15

Required time 2 hrs
AM session: 10:00-12:00
PM session: 14:00-16:00
Requirements for participation - Number of participants: 2-4 people.
- Up to 80 kg
- Children aged 11 or younger must be accompanied by 2 or more adult members.
- No worries as long as you can ride bicycles (lectures provided as well).
- Children may ride with the guide.
Things to bring / required items ・warm clothes(ski wear etc...)
・knit cap(beanie)

* If you don't have warm clothes, we have some rental wear, however the size is limited.
Included in this fee Dog sledding fee, insurance, sales tax
Meeting location Moonlight Ladies
Address of meeting location 19-sen 16-go,Takasu-cho, Kamikawa-gun, Hokkaido

①Asahikawa Airport → JR Asahikawa Station:- About 35 minutes by bus.
②New Chitose Airport → JR Asahikawa Station:- About 2 hrs by limited express train.
③JR Sapporo Station → JR Asahikawa Station:- About 1.5 hrs by limited express train.

★Bus from Asahikawa Bus Station★
Asahikawa Bus Station is located just in front of JR Asahikawa Station.
Take Dohoku Bus bound for "Takasu 10-sen 10-go" from Platform No.3 at the Asahikawa Bus Station.
Hop off the bus at the last stop(10-sen 10-go) and we will pick you up there.(it takes about 30 mins)
AM session:10:00-12:00---> Please take 08:45AM Bus from Asahikawa Bus Station
PM session:14:00-16:00---> Please take 12:55PM Bus from Asahikawa Bus Station.

※ Let us know the means of transportation (bus, rent-a-car, etc.) and your schedule at the time of booking.

If you are driving, navigate by the name of Kita-Takasu Post Office, then drive toward the Hokusei district and find us in a house with a windmill made out of bike wheel.

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Pick Up Service Available from 10-sen 10-go bus stop
Payment method Please pay onsite in cash.
Language Japanese,English


- This program is subject to alteration or cancellation depending on weather conditions.


- This program is subject to alteration or cancellation depending on weather conditions.
- If you cancel your booking for your own reasons, cancellation fees apply as follows:
50% of program fee (1 day prior)
100% of program fee (on the day)

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    MURAKAMI, Kyoko

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    We are a dog sledding team hailing from Takasu, near Asahikawa, Hokkaido. Snow falls and stays for half of the year anyway, so why not take advantage of it and have fun?


    Join our dog sledding team and enjoy the beautiful winter of Hokkaido!

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    Company:Moonlight Ladies
    Address:19-16-1Takasu-cho, Kamikawa-gun Hokkaido

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