What's Ninja Ninja has its roots in “Shinobinomono=Ninja” who had actually existed from period of the Warring States to Edo period. In the Warring States period continued for 150 years from the late 15th century, a Ninja is a spy who played an active role under feudal lords. Art of stealth (i.e. Ninjutsu) includes not only combat skills which are likely to be in the limelight, but also the skills to collect information and build human relationship. It was the teachings for avoiding unnecessary battles and acting efficiently based on accurate information. Ninja may be close to the present CIA agents or 007 James Bond.Taking charge of information is the real nature of Ninja. Ninja support someone from behind scenes and make the world go around by analyzing, receiving and giving, and manipulating information even though Ninja do not emerge on the center stage of history. Ninja’s philosophy like this is still applicable to the present day.
This facility is for all adults and children to have a great experience of Ninja training in Ninja costumes. Our real experience program has been completed as we have Ninja RanZan who has been trained in Kyoto in our direction team.
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