Welcome to Mushing Works Dog Sled Tours, which is located in Tokachi at the foot of Mt. Daisetsu. We specialize in dog sled tours. 【Menu】 ①2 Adults (10 yrs old and over), Self Driven/ 1 dog sled 36,000 yen Our best seller choice! Our tour is based on two adults per sled. You can take turn driver's position on the way when you take a rest. There are lots of chance to take photos. Only 2 kids can not ride a dog sled. One of you have to be a adult for your safety, thanks. ②3 Adults, Self Driven/ 1 dog sled 45,000 yen This is a reasonable price package for 3 adults group. Our tour is based on two adults per sled. 2 of you ride a dog sled first and other one ride a snowmobile with our guide. On the way you can change sled driver when we often stop. So all of you have a chance to driver a dog sled! ③1 Adults + 1 Children(5-9 yrs.) , Instructor Driven or supported/ 1 dog sled 36,000 yen Dog sledding is outdoor activity sport. For driving a dog sled, You must need power to stop doggies and need balance when you turn corners. If you worry about driving a dog sled, our experienced instructor can help to drive a dog sled with you! You have a chance to drive a dog sled your own with your guide's help on the way, if you want to. ④2 children (5-9 yrs.) + Instructor Driven/ 1 dog sled 36000yen For driving a dog sled, we need reflex, balance skill and power. Our dog sled guide can drive together with your kids. It's more safety and fun! ⑤1 Person, Self or Instructor Driven and Supported /1 dog sled 35,000 yen Solo traveler can participate our tour too! You can count on your instructor for driving, off cause you can drive yourself. Your instructor tell you about interesting stories about sled dog, winter landscape, Hokkaido wild nature while you are running.
Our trail is more than 10km long! Enjoy a long distance ride by dog sled with a team of huskies along our scenic 10km back country trail.
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