The most impressive scene at Noboribetsu is the Jigokudani (hell valley), where yellowy gray volcanic gas seeps from the surface of the rocks. This makes the whole place smell strongly of sulfur, and gives it an image like that of hell. The valley is a 450-meter-diameter mouth of a volcano, which produces 3,000 liters of hot water per minute. Lot's of other Hell are spotted in the Hell Valley with small tombstone. It is fun to walk around with guide explanation. It has 9 different kinds of water, containing minerals such as sulfer, salt, and iron. The quality of these minerals results in the spa being ranked among the world's most exceptional hot springs.
Noboribetsu Gateway Center
You can enjoy 9 types of natural hot springs here in Noboribetsu. 10,000 tons of hot spring water overflow every day and provide it to all the hotel in this area. It is said that Noboribetsu is the department store of hot spring. Enjoy walking and relax at one of the hotel after that.
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