Spring : Fresh snow melt runs into Lake Shikotsu. The lake is over 30 meters deep and the fish start to gather at the shore. All trees and mountain blossoms bloom, along with the flowers, heralding the first sign of spring. Summer: Gorgeous summer. Lake Shikotsu reflects the colors of its surroundings. You can see the local waterplants glowing beneath the surface of the lake along with thousands of fish. An underwater world of wonder. Autumn: Silence settles over the land as the leaves begin to change. The Kokanee salmon also miraculously changes colors when they begin spawning in mid-October. Winter: Lake Shikotsu slowly settles in for the long winter. Enjoy viewing the frosticles on the trees and other wild animals around the lake, which never freezes. Wintertime Lake Shikotsu is known to have the clearest water in Japan. Lake Shikotsu offers awe-inspiring scenery throughout the year, both on land and underwater. It's the only place where you can spot Kokanee Salmon spawning in Japan.
Ocean Days
Enjoy all four seasons in Hokkaido. Lake Shikotsu awaits to remind you of how great nature is. Come here to refresh your body and mind.
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