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No. 5231Program currently off season
Winery Picnic in Mikasa
Wine grapes.
Grapes are the almost harvesting season in October.
Walking aroud with guide in the winery, you will feel expansive.
Picnic lunch.

Enjoy a picnic in the Winery.

A single vine produces a few grapes used for wine, and they are grown in large areas.
The daily operation in the winery is to move around in such fields.
However, when people walk in the vineyard, they feel somehow open and a little excited.
You can take a walk in the vineyard where you can't usually get in. When you get tired, you can take a break, enjoying the scenery. How about taking some snacks and going out in a picnic mood?

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Program details
Available time period

2021-05-01 - 2021-10-31

Required time
7 hrs (9:00-16:00)
9:00 Depart from Sapporo
10:00 Visit a winery and walk around with a guide.
11:00 (About 2km~5km)
12:30 Lunch time(Lunch Box) 
Enjoy picnic lunch and wine tasting.
16:00 Back to Sapporo and end of the tour.
Program fee
Price per person(2 people or more):25,000 yen
Price for Single perticipant:40,000 yen
Included in this fee
Guide fee, insurance, Lunch, Wine tasting
Not included in fees
Personal expenses.
Pick Up Service
Free pick up is available from certain hotels downtown, or Sapporo, Odori, and Maruyama Koen stations.
Payment method
please pay by cash on site.

Requirements for participation
Meeting location
Required Items
Requirements for participation
- Ages 6 and up
- Minimum 1 participants
Things to bring / required items
※Wear comfortable clothes that can get a bit dirty
※Wear shoes that are broken in (sneakers are acceptable)
※Bug repellent
The tour may be altered or canceled due to weather conditions and natural disasters. Participation may not be accepted if you are under the influence of alcohol or pregnant, if you have health problems, or if you do not comply with safety measures practiced by the staff. The tour may not be available even within the planned season. The tour may be canceled due to safety hazards foreseen by the guide.
If you cancel your participation for your own reason, penalty applies at the following rates:
1-2 days before the day: 50% of program fee
Cancellation on the day: 100% of program fee
Sorachi (Mikasa)
Available time period
2021-05-01 - 2021-10-31
Required time
7 hrs (9:00-16:00)
Program fee
Price per person(2 people or more):25,000 yen
Price for Single perticipant:40,000 yen
Operator Information
Operator Information


Our Eco-Tours were developed under the motto: "Learn and train in a joyful and delicious environment!" Our experienced nature guides and health & food instructors are awaiting you with a warm welcome!


What about taking a walk in the vineyard of the winery where you can't usually enter? Let's enjoy a box lunch at the winery, too.

Company information

Company:Yukkureism Hokkaido
Address:BARCOMSAPPORO, STV Kita 2-jo Bldg. 1F, Kita-2, Nishi 2-15 Chuo-ku, Sapporo Hokkaido