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Like a Desert Island: One Night, Two Days Sea Kayak Camping Journey to a Private Beach
Paddling through the brilliant turquoise
Sea kayak fishing (There will be grilled fish tonight!)
Doing nothing is the best!
Beyond the cape somewhere there is my secret spot…
Just like a Desert Island. You cannot even use your mobile phone here
No artificial sounds to be heard. Just the sound of waves and sea birds
Hanging around without any hurry, listening to music
Exploring a small cave!
Fishing from the shore is also fun ~
I can teach you fishing, so no need to worry even if this is your first time!
First timers will also get to know kayaking throughout
Here's my sea kayak workshop, where I make kayaks

Let’s pack our back bags and head to the open sea (You don’t have to think what to take with you to a Desert Island. There is a list.)
The destination is a small shore, surrounded by cliffs, but to get there we must first make our way through the waves…

Experience the Extraordinary at a place with no mobile network, far away from the everyday culture!

Have you ever thought you would like to camp on a Desert island? I have, and that is the very thought that lead me to discovering this hidden shore. Now I would like to share my secret spot with you.

Here you cannot use your mobile phone and there are no vending machines or convenience stores nearby. Here is no public toilet or water supply either. As a matter of fact, it’s quite an inconvenient place.

But that’s just what makes it good. Here you are allowed to forget for a while your everyday life and the surrounding civilization. This will become a life experience, something special we have gone through together with just me, you and your travel company.

Here you can do what your heart desires and forget about the time. You can go fishing at the open sea (better do no catch and release; at a desert island every fish is valuable source of nutrition!) or head out to explore small caves nearby.

Or you can just doze off listening to the waves or sit down reading your favorite book… If you want, at sundown we can make a campfire, listen to music and drink alcohol without being afraid of troubling anyone.

I have loved sea kayaking and camping ever since my childhood, so this is a very personal program for me.

Let me show you something very special

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Program details
Available time period

2020-06-01 - 2020-09-30

Required time
One night, two days (Approximately from noon till the noon of the next day).

※ This is a private tour, so feel free to consult us about your preferences
Schedule Example

The First Day
- Around 10:00 Meeting at Sapporo center and departure!
※ Meeting also possible at "Space-Apple Yoichi"
(a roadside rest area located along National Highway 229)
- Around 13:00 Eating lunch on the way and arriving at the starting point.
After some sea kayaking practice we will head to the open sea!
※ It will take approximately 40 minutes to reach the camping spot at the deserted shore

☆ After arrival the longed-for free time begins!!
(Fishing from the sea kayak, paddling for an adventure to the nearby shores, playing in the water. Just examples, you are really allowed to do just whatever you want!)

When it gets darker, we can make a campfire and do some barbecue, trying out some of my best outdoor recipes, listen to the music, drink and play with small fireworks until we feel like sleeping. If someone was successful fishing, we can grill some fish. If the sky is clear, we can admire the starry skies…

The Second Day
- Waking up listening to the waves and eating breakfast (prepared by the guide side)
- Around 11:00 leaving the deserted shore behind and returning to the civilization
- Around noon back to the starting point,
There is possibility to go bathing at a nearby “onsen” hot springs and eating lunch. Then return to Sapporo center (or Yoichi)

※ The end of the tour and goodbyes will be around 16:00 if the return point is Sapporo, but this is a private tour, so feel free to consult us about your preferences
Program fee
Adult (Over 12 years old):40,000 yen
Children (12 or younger):30,000 yen
Included in this fee
Guide fee, a complete set of camping goods (including tents, sleeping bags, simple portable toilet), BBQ and campfire tools, BBQ food for the first evening and breakfast for the morning of the second day, drinks for dinner and breakfast (certain amount of alcohol is also prepared, but there is an extra fee if more is needed), kayaks + paddles etc. some entertainment (fishing rods, snorkels…), insurance
Not included in fees
Lunch fees (eaten on the way from Sapporo and back), “onsen” hot springs fee, extra food or drink you want to eat outside the BBQ and breakfast
Payment method
Please pay on site by cash or by the following credit cards/electronic payment methods
※ VISA, American Express, Diners Club, DISCOVER, QUICPAY, PayPay
group / party
Maximum of 5 persons per group (Groups of 6 and over, please consult first)

Requirements for participation
Meeting location
Required Items
Requirements for participation
All ages welcome!
※ First timers will get a thorough lecture. Plus kayaking is surprisingly easy!
※ Children and elderly are welcomed to come along on my = the guide's kayak
Address of meeting location
Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido
Things to bring / required items
- Something to drink, a change of clothes, towel, sunglasses, wet wipes, camera, personal necessities such as medication

- For sea kayaking: Clothes you do not mind getting wet (recommended: swimsuit, quick-drying materials such as synthetic fiber), windbreaker or such (depending on the temperature), firm sandals that do not fall off
- We want to be considerate of the nature and keep up sustainable travelling: Please do not throw trash out of the kayak or leave garbage to the camping location or the surroundings.

- There will be a simple tent-type portable toilet, but no possibility for taking a shower (and the water around is sea water...): Let’s visit “onsen” hot springs when we return back to civilization!

- Please be aware, that since the program takes place outdoors, the contents of the program might change or be cancelled due to weather conditions or other nature related circumstances! In such case there is no cancellation fee

- The program fee includes insurance. In case there is an accident during the journey, there will be a compensation up to the amount mentioned in the insurance contract
In case of cancellation made by the customer, there is a cancellation fee as following:
- Less than a week before the departure day: 30% of the program fee
- Two days before or the day before the departure day: 50% of the program fee
- On the departure day: 100% of the program fee

※ If the journey is cancelled due to weather conditions or other nature related circumstances or the guide's circumstances, there is no cancellation fee!
Available time period
2020-06-01 - 2020-09-30
Required time
One night, two days (From noon till the noon of the next day). ※ This is a private tour, so feel free to consult us about your preferences
Program fee
Adult (Over 12 years old)
:40,000 yen
Children (12 or younger)
:30,000 yen
Request for reservation
Click on a date you would like from the calendar
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  • *Submission of this request form does not complete the reservation process.
  • *Applications are on first-come, first-serve basis. Therefore, even if the application was submitted successfully, there is a possibility that the activity has already been fully booked. If the guide cannot accept your request on your desired date, the guide/instructor may offer you other dates as an alternative.
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Operator Information
Operator Information


The magnificent nature is definitely one of the best things in Hokkaido. I want you to get a chance to know the wilderness on a deeper level in all its beauty, including all the fun and even its fierce side! We are giving you order-made experiences, something special that just cannot be get on your basic tourist packages


"I want to go camping on a desert island!" was the idea that made me find this small shore. Here you cannot use your phone and there are no vending machines or any shops. As a matter of fact, it’s quite an inconvenient place, but that's what makes it so great

Company information

Address:Minami-ku, Sapporo Hokkaido