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No. 5107Program currently off season
Presented by the locals: “Our beloved Lake Shikotsu. This is where we live!” A journey of 1 night and 2 days to the Nature and Everyday Life of Shikotsu-Tōya National Park
Bright green moss has grown to fill the walls of the canyon, where lava once used to flow. It’s like the moss is trying to wrap the whole valley in its hold
Personally we think Mount Tarumae is the best mountain in whole Japan!
Hi, we are the Itayas! Would you like to join us for a cozy house party?
If diving is your passion, let us know; It is ours too! This place is our pride and joy as the owners of a diving shop
Clear Bottom Kayak Tour. Come to take a peek at the best water quality in whole Japan (for 11 years straight!)

A special program that could only be created by someone who knows Shikotsu-Tōya National Park like the back of their hand. Let us guide you to the Nature, History and Everyday Life of our beloved Lake Shikotsu

Our family, the Itayas, owns a diving shop called Ocean Days here at Lake Shikotsu. Not a day goes by that we don’t think just how lucky we are to get to spend our days on the bank of the great Lake Shikotsu.

Lake Shikotsu is actually a caldera lake that was born together with Mount Tarumae, and here one gets to appreciate the unique nature surrounding this still active volcano. There is for instance this small valley, where lava once flowed down. In the course of time moss filled the valley and now we have a mysterious, bright green "Moss Canyon" (“Koke no kairyou"). There is also a curious, unexplored region called “Marsh of No Exit” (“Kuchinashi Numa”) …

Would you like to explore Lake Shikotsu areas, that only the local guides can enter? You get both to learn about the history and to sense the area with all your being. You will have a chance to ride a clear bottom kayak at the Lake Shikotsu waters, that have been ranked to have the best water quality in whole Japan for 11 years straight. We can even go fishing and grill the catch for meal!

Actually, you could just easily spend a week here without feeling bored for a moment.

Let us let you in to our everyday lives. At evening we can have a cozy house party and enjoy some homemade cooking. We want to make you feel like you have returned to your own home; Relax and just be who you are!

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Program details
Available time period

2019-06-01 - 2019-10-31

Required time
One day (Around 7 hours)
We can do something fun together for instance from 10 AM until 5 PM, or when it starts to get dark outside. ※ We can decide the schedule according to our daily condition, the weather and of course the season!

※ If you need lodging, we are afraid you have to arrange it yourself, but we will be more than happy to recommend you some local places! Guest House Shikotsu Kamui is run by us and there are also accommodation facilities at Shikotsuko Onsen Hot Springs
☆ Here are some places we would like to take you to and things we would like to do together! ☆
These are estimate times. Please let us know your own ideas of what you would like to do!

- Clear Bottom Kayak (Around 2 hours).
Here you can take part in the one and only clear bottom kayak experience in Hokkaido. Peek at the clear waters and the best quality water in whole Japan! We can have lunch on kayak or the shore. We could even fish from the clear bottom kayak!

- Marukoma “Onsen” Hot Springs (Around 1 hour)
This place is 105 years old, a real veteran among Hokkaido Onsen! The natural hot spring gushes forth from Lake Shikotsu waters. You can soak in the hot springs and have a sweeping view to the Lake Shikotsu scenery!

- Fishing (Around 1 hour)
We also recommend Poropinai fishing pond. The fish will be cut and trimmed on spot!

- Hiking (Mount Monbetsu: Around 2 hours. Mount Tarumae: Around 3 hours)
Mount Tarumae is the very volcano, that took part in shaping Lake Shikotsu. At the top of the mountain, there is a dome of lava that looks like a pile of custard pudding. This pudding has actually been designated as a Hokkaido Natural Monument. When the skies are clear, one can see all the way to Mount Yotei in north and Tomakomai city, close to the sea, in south

- Nanajō Ōtaki Waterfalls Tour (Around 1 hour)
The clean waters of Nanajō Ōtaki are highly praised and even used as tap water at Tomakomai city. The water flows from the center of the half dome shaped falls

- Forest of Giant Trees “Kyoboku no Mori” (Around 1 hour 30 minutes)
The oldest of the Mongolian oaks that stand towering over the surrounds in this forest are over 500 years old!

- Private Kayak Tour: Kuchinashi Numa “Marsh of No Exit” (around 3 hours 30 minutes)
Marsh of No Exit is located inside a forest at the foot of Mount Tarumae. There are some tiny streams leading out of the wetland, but the main water exit has soaked underground, leading to the name “Marsh of No Exit”

- Diving (Around 3 hours)
If you have a diving certification, we can guide you for a fun dive to the best quality waters in Japan!

- Meditation in Nature (Around 30 minutes)
Guided meditation session. The location can be about just anywhere you like, if you just can relax there!

- Moss Canyon (Koke no kairyou) of Kaede no Sawa Valley (3 hours)
The mysteriously green moss has grown to the nutrition rich soil caused by the lava that once flowed at the valley. Moss has grown to fill the walls like it is trying to wrap the whole valley in its hold

- Wandering around the Shikotsu town (Around 1 hour)
One of the charms of Lake Shikotsu area is that one can easily get a good picture of the whole town and its residents. Would you like to walk around and have a chat with the locals?

- Having a lunch together (Around 1 hour)
If you wish to look around the town, we are happy to recommend you some local restaurants. Kokanee salmon, “butadon” pork bowl and soup curry are just some examples of the local delicacies!

- Dinner (Over 2 hours)
Would you like to join us for a family dinner? You would be more than welcome! We could enjoy some homemade cooking and maybe barbecue at the garden. Come and get to know our local lifestyle!

☆ ... Wow, there are so many things we could do together!☆

There are also things like the season and the weather to consider, so really just feel free to tell us about your own ideas and preferences. Let’s do something awesome together!
Program fee
2 Days Program / Person:100,000 yen
1 Day Program / Person:50,000 yen
Booking benefits
If you have an iPhone, we can send you the photos taken during the journey by AirDrop! If you have a smartphone other than iPhone, we can send the pictures using other methods.

(You can of course also bring your own camera! If you want to take the camera to clear bottom kayak or other activities that might include getting wet, please not that this will be your own responsibility and not included in the accident insurance!)
Included in this fee
Guide fee, accident insurance, smartphone photography fee (please refer to "Booking benefits"), rental magnifying glass, insect repellent, consumption tax
Not included in fees
※ If you want to attend a 2 day program, please note you have to arrange the lodging yourself.

We will be happy recommend you some local places! Guest House Shikotsu Kamui is run by us and there are also accommodation facilities at Shiotsuko Onsen Hot Springs
Payment method
Please pay on site in cash (JPY) or by PAYPAY. Please be aware the program has to be paid on arrival
group / party
Groups of 6 or more, please consult us beforehand!

Requirements for participation
Meeting location
Required Items
Requirements for participation
Nothing specific
Meeting location
Guest House Shikotsu Kamui
Meeting location Detail
If you come by car, please type “Shikotsuko Onsen” to your car navigation system. This will get you to the parking lot of a nearby shopping area. You can see the signboard of “Guest House Shikotsu Kamui” around the middle part of the shopping area.

If you come by bus, please get out at “Shikotsuko Onsen”. You will see the shopping area at your left-hand side. You can see the signboard of “Guest House Shikotsu Kamui” on the same side as the parking lot. It is only one-minute walk from the bus stop to the guest house.
Address of meeting location
Chitose, Hokkaido

[By car]
Head for: Shikotsuko Onsen parking lot, Chitose city, Hokkaido
From Sapporo city: Around 70 minutes
From Shin-Chitose Airport: Around 40 minutes
From Tomakomai city: Around 30 minutes

[From Sapporo by public transportation]
Train from Sapporo Station (JR) to Chitose Station (Around 40 minutes)
Bus from Chitose Eki Mae stop (Next to Chitose Station) to Shikotsuko Onsen-gai

Shin-Chitose Airport ⇄ Shikotsuko Onsen-gai
✴︎Bus Time Schedule✳︎ (Please copy-paste to your browser)

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Things to bring / required items
Clothes you do not mind getting dirty, a towel, something to drink, sunglasses recommended. If you wish to go hiking, please wear hiking shoes (sneakers OK)
Available time period
2019-06-01 - 2019-10-31
Required time
1~2 days
Program fee
2 Days Program / Person:100,000 yen
1 Day Program / Person:50,000 yen
Operator Information
Operator Information
the president
Takafumi Itaya



A special program that could only be created by someone who lives at Lake Shikotsu. The program brings out the best in the area, that is already charming as it is, while letting you enjoy and experience the nature and catch a glimpse of the everyday lives of the locals!

Company information

Company:Ocean Days
Address:Shikotsuko Onsen Guest House Shikotsu KamuiChitose Hokkaido