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No. 4912Program currently off season
Chair lift lavender picking and special sweets altogether
Sweet scent spread around you when you pick up lavender buds and rub them on your palm.
This flower field is originally a ski slope. You can experience watching lavender fields while riding the chair-lift slowly. This happens nowhere else but in Nakafurano.
By hanging lavender upside down, you can enjoy richer scent of dried flower. Find your own ways to enjoy it, like wrapping dried buds in cloth to make sachet, potpurri, etc.
Not only to heal your heart, the lavender is known its prompt of skin generation, bactericidal reaction, insect repellent.

Chair lift, lavender picking and special sweets altogether

Wrapped in fragrance, witness the Furano Basin panoramic view

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Program details
Available time period

2019-06-22 - 2019-07-20

Available time period Detail
[2019 Lavender Picking]
6/22~7/20 9:00 ~ 16:30 (L.O. 15:30)
(1) Receive chair-lift (and lavender picking) ticket at the ticket booth after arrival.
(2) Ride on the lift to reach the hill top. Enjoy the panoramic views of mountain range and farmland.
(3) Go to the lavender picking reception desk to get scissors, paper and souvenir bag and try picking. Enjoy photo shooting.
(4) Ride the lift back to the bottom with picked lavender.
(5) Refresh with soft-served icecream or soft drink.
Program fee
Adult(High shooler and older):1,300 yen
Child (15 years old and younger):1,100 yen
Included in this fee
1. Round ticket for chair lift
2. Lavender picking fee*
3. Sweet/soft drink
*The fee includes equipment fee (scissors, newspaper, mini plastic cup, plastic bag, etc.)
Not included in fees
Taking out lavender exceeding prescribed amout (1 mini plastic cup or 1 plastic bag) will be charged additional price.
Payment method
Cash(JPY), QR code payment

Guides' recommendations,
highlights in this area
"Hokuseiyama" situated in the western hill, this symbolic flower park displays 4 kinds of lavenders, sunflower, marigold, salvia and other annual plants from mid-June to the early September. At the peak climbing up by the single chair-lift, you will surely fall in love with the vast panorama of Mt. Tokachi Range, rural farmland of Furano Basin and purple carpet of lavender blossom.
Requirements for participation
Meeting location
Required Items
Requirements for participation
Person who can ride by oneself
Meeting location
Chair lift ticket booth
Meeting location Detail
3 min. by taxi from JR Nakafurano St.; 2 min. by car from Farm Tomita
Address of meeting location
1-41 Miyamachi,Nakafurano-cho, Sorachi-gun, Hokkaido

[Car] 50 min. from Asahikawa Airport; 2 hrs 20 min. from Shinchitose Airport via Shimukappu IC or 2 hrs 30 min. via Mikasa IC; 2 min. from Farm Tomita.
[Bus] 2 hrs 30 min. from Sapporo St. by Chuo Bus; 50 min. from Asahikawa Airport by Furano Bus.
[JR] 2 hrs 15 min from Sapporo St. with Takikawa St. transit or 2 hrs 40 min. via Asahikawa St. transit.
[Taxi] 3 min. from Nakafurano St.
[Walk] 15 min. from Nakafurano St; 15 min. from Farm Tomita.

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Things to bring / required items
Recommended items to carry with you are: hat, towel, sneaker shoes (you may need to walk on slope ground)
①For your reference, the under age participants may be age of 4 to 6. However, the guardian must confirm with the child whether she/he can ride by her/himself. For safety reason, we do not accept you to ride with heavy carry bag, holding child/pet

②Please present your registered information on your smart phone or printed documents.

③About carrying lavender back home: plant protection
Importing plants, meat and specific animals are either prohibited or needed to take an examination in order to protect the country's native habitat from invasive insects, bacteria and other harmful things. There are possibly maximum 3 steps for you in order to carry Nakafurano's lavender home but it may be varied by your country's plant protection laws. Please check the list below and look at our website for more information ( Quarantine regulation laws in each country are subject to be changed without prior notice. It is recommended to check with your nearby plant protection station before your trip.

(A) Step One: Apply the import permission from your country prior to your departure.
(B) Step Two: Take an exam to earn “phytosanitary certificate” from Japan quarantine station.
(C) Step Three: Take an exam at your country’s quarantine station at arrival.

Countries with Step Three only:
South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore

Countries with Step Two and Three
P.R. China, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, R.O. China(Taiwan)

Countries with all the steps:

Contact directly to your country's Plant Protection Division:
Philippines, Australia

*Information above is provided from Yokohama Plant Protection Station Sapporo Substation New Chitose Airport Branch Office. (Tel: 0123-24-615)

*Travel time written above is the estimated time. It may change depending on the weather, road condition and traffic. Please take extra time when planning you trip
No cancellation and change fee required. However,Please let us know by e-mail or tlephone in advance.
Available time period
[Chair Lift]
Late June ~ Late August
[Lavender Picking]
Early July ~ Mid July
Required time
Program fee
[Set Menu Price]
・Adult[high schooler or older]:
・Child[primary and middle school students]: 1100JPY
Operator Information
Operator Information
Executive Director
Kiyotada Ota



For your memorable lavender picking, majestic Mt. Tokachi range in sight

Company information

Company:Nakafurano Tourisum Assosiation
Address:9-1 Motomachi, Nakafurano, Sorachi-gun, Hokkaido 071-0752 JapanNakafurano-cho, Sorachi-gun Hokkaido