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No. 4873
Veggies Picking & Pizza Outdoor Cooking Experiences!
Juicy Cherry Tomato at Matsutsuru Farm!
Lesson to farmer, how to picking
Lovely 4 sisters of Matsutsuru farm
Let's cutting and veggies! Please watch your fingers!
Mixing Pizza ingredients
Topping colorful veggies and Cherry Tomato Special source by Matsutsuru farm
And do not forget to top cheese on Pizza!
Born fire Pizza Kiln
Baked Pizza, Looks good!
Well done!
Let's eat original pizza~!!
Can not wait to take pizza
See you at Matsutsuru farm soon!

Great opportunity is cocking pizza by outdoor pizza kiln!

Using Matsutsuru Farm's special cherry tomato source for the base, and topping your picking fresh veggies at the farm!!

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Program details
Available time period

2020-05-30 - 2020-09-27

Available time period Detail
End of May - End of September

*Subject to change due to farming conditions, weather and any other reasons.
*Required booking before 7days of your requested date. The tour will be canceled, If there is no booking on the date.
*Please just let us know if our operation dates is not commitment to your traveling date. We will try to arrange it for you.
Required time
Approx. 3.5 hours
[9:00 am] Meet & Greet
Pick-up service: if you need it, please ask us when booking. Our pick-up service is in and around centre of Furano / JR Furano station.
Traveling by car: We will meet and greet you at your hotel in Furano, or at JR Furano station. We will show you the location for meeting place depends on your convenience.
Others: We will figure out the location for your convenience.

[9:30 am] Arrival Matsutsuru-farm, ready to picking & cooking

[10:00 am] Cooking pizza, making pizza, topping and baking!

[11:00 am] Enjoy your pizza!

[12:30 am-] Say Good bye / Shuttle service to your hotel or JR Station
Program fee
per person:6,600 yen
Included in this fee
*Picking cherry tomato and seasonable vegetables and farm inspection, vegetables picking experience, Pizza cooking experience, All equipments for picking and cooking, Tasting pizza, instructions, insurance
*Amounts for picking vegetables are only for pizza topping.
If some vegetables are left beside of topping for pizza, please enjoy them as fresh salad.
*One whole pizza (the size: approx. 20cm diameter. The size is different by each), each person
*Pizza source is made by Matsutsuru-farm special hand made cherry tomato source.
*Usually, using ordinary cheese. We have option to preparing special Furano Mozzarella Cheese, White & Red Furano wine 180ml bottles special set.
Pizza can not take away. Enjoy pizza at the farm.
Not included in fees
Any shopping for your private things during the tour, it has to be guest's expence.
Pick Up Service
Pick up service available
Payment method
Payment on the tour day.
Cash or credit card (VISA, MASTER, American Express, JCB are available)
group / party
maximum 7 persons

'Matsutsuru' Farm's Cherry Tomato & Seasonal vegetables Picking & Outdoor Pizza Cooking Experiences!
Guides' recommendations,
highlights in this area
We make sure Cooking in the fresh air, it has magical seasoning to becoming tasty everything!
Requirements for participation
Meeting location
Required Items
Requirements for participation
*Minors (under age of high school students) are required application with one guardian at least.
*We do not have any nursery equipments, such as baby car, toys baby bed and food etc... please preparing those stuff by yourselves if you need.
*If you are taking baby or small children, we have the case to ask you to drive to the farm.
*This is outdoor program, please take care of yourself for sun screen, or bug spray etc...
*Please tell us if you have some serious allergies for food and anything. If so, we may have to deny your application depends on the case.
Meeting location
At your lodge nearby JR Furano station, Alpine visitor centre or Kitanomine Hotel area
Meeting location Detail
Meet & greet at your lodge nearby JR Furano station, Alpine Visitor Centre, Hotel Edelwarm and around. We will arrange with your suitable place. Please ask us when booking.
Address of meeting location
Furano, Hokkaido

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Things to bring / required items
*Please preparing walking shoes and working clothing for inspection of the farm.
*Drinks (water) & snacks (if nescessary)
*For any protection your skins and sunscrean stuff, please preparing it by yourself.
*if you have any questions, please do not hegitate to ask us.
*If you have minors, we may require you to drive by yourselves to the venue.
*This program is operating outdoor, so please prepare by yourselves for sun screen, sun glasses, water, snacks and anything what you need.
*If you have allergies, please let us know. We may refuse to your apply depends on serious level.
Travel conditions, etc.:
Required minimum 3 persons
+ 4 years old & 3 persons
* Under 18 years minors are including in the group, one guardian is required.
*subject to change by weather and some other tour conditions.
[in the case of any things to change by your any reasons]
*less than 7 days until the tour day; 50 % change fee (of the tour cost) could be charged, depends on subject.
*By the date to change, the tour could not be arranged then the tour has to be canceled. In that case, 50% cancel charge (of the tour cost) could be required possibly.

*less than 7 days until the tour day; 50 % cancel charge (of the tour cost) could be required.

[Cancellation by unavoidable reasons]
ex. weather, farming poor conditions, any publick transportations canceled by weather or any traffic accidents, health problems etc...

We are working on harder to welcomeing you with delicious melon.
So please avoid such a like these cases, but if we have unexpected happening, Please try to contact, both of us as soon as possible.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperations.
Furano countryside
Available time period
May - September
Required time
Approx. 3.5 hours
Program fee
6,600 yen pp
Request for reservation
Click on a date you would like from the calendar
  • *Please click on a day in the calendar, enter your information and click submit.
  • *Submission of this request form does not complete the reservation process.
  • *Applications are on first-come, first-serve basis. Therefore, even if the application was submitted successfully, there is a possibility that the activity has already been fully booked. If the guide cannot accept your request on your desired date, the guide/instructor may offer you other dates as an alternative.
…Application Available Date
Operator Information
Operator Information
Tour coodinator / Land operator
Yumiko Goto


Organizing Furano locals life style experience and Furano's agricultural tourism experience Ece tours.

Also support you special experience for your unforgettable hart warming memory of your holiday in Furano.


This program inclusive 'Matsutsuru' Farm's special tasty cherry tomato & seasonal vegetables picking And Pizza outdoor cooking experiences!!

Company information

Address:9-5, Higashi-machi, Furano city 076-0053 Hokkaido JAPANFurano Hokkaido