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No. 4872Program currently off season
E-Bike Kami-furano Dynamic Mountain View Area
Dynamic Mountain View 'Tokachidake mountain Range' which is a part of Daisetsuzan National Park.
Take a breath, Feeling Great! Let's go cycling!

E-Bike takes you Dynamic Mountain View area

After cycling, you can enjoy Japanese art museum Goto Sumio Museum and Lunch at Furano Grill restaurant. These are good options for your Furano trip!

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Program details
Available time period

2021-05-30 - 2021-10-24

Available time period Detail
Subject to change depends on weather or tour conditions.
Required time
Approx. 1.5 ~ 2 hours
(cycling, visiting each sightseeing spots)
9:00 am / 1:30pm
Meet & Greet at Goto Sumio Japanese Art Museum

9:20 am / 1:50pm
Ready to go, and start Cycling

11:30 am / 3:50 pm
Finish cycling
Program fee
per person:8,500 yen
Included in this fee
*E-bike rental fee
*tour guiding
Not included in fees
Your personal shopping cost such as souvenirs at our visiting place, drinks, food.
The taxi fare (if you drop the tour on the way, then back to goal point by a taxi.)
Payment method
Payment on the tour day.
Cash or credit card (VISA, MASTER, American Express, JCB are available)
group / party
maximum 9 persons

The base town of Tokachidake volcano mountain range for trekking, Kamifurano town. Cycling starts from Gosumi Rental at Goto Sumio Museum , stop by 2 beautiful and panoramic 2 view spots from Kamifurano town great view spots best 8. Hinode-park and Yamabiko Highland.
Guides' recommendations,
highlights in this area
Enjoy cycling with local guide!
Requirements for participation
Meeting location
Required Items
Requirements for participation
*Cycling skills
*143+ cm (over 12 yrs old)
*Healthy person (seems like bellow persons will be canceled; hangover, pregnant, serious healthy problems or some more other reasons judged by tour guide.)
*Necessary physical fitness for 3 hours cycling at least.
*to be sure preparing suitable clothing and shoes for cycling
*please make a booking 2 or more people.
Meeting location
Goto Sumio Japanese Art Museum
Meeting location Detail
GOSUMI Rental at Goto Sumio Japanese Art Museum
Address of meeting location
Kami-Furano town,Furano, Hokkaido
Things to bring / required items
Sunscreen, Cap, sunglasses, drinks (water), snacks, towel and some other stuff what you need.
*Your big baggages should keep at your hotel, coin lockers at JR Furano station or Furano information centre (the cost required)
*Non-refundable, If you cancel the tour on the way by your reasons.
*In this case of cancel the tour by the reasons of guests at where unexpected place, and then if we hire a taxi to returning back to start point or some other convenience place, the taxi fare will be your expence.
*Additional fare for the rental of the type of sports type or tandem bike.
*If we need to repare the bike by the faults of guests, we will charge the repare cost.
Travel conditions, etc.:
*subject to change by weather and some other tour conditions.
*please follow tour guide, otherwise the tour is canceled. (Non refundable)
*required Cycling skills, 143cm tall (+12 years old) at least
[Cancellation by unavoidable reasons]
ex. weather, farming poor conditions, any publick transportations canceled by weather or any traffic accidents, health problems etc...

We are working on harder to welcomeing you with delicious melon.
So please avoid such a like these cases, but if we have unexpected happening, Please try to contact, both of us as soon as possible.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperations.
Kami-Furano area
Available time period
June - middle of October
Required time
Approx. 1.5 - 2 hours (including cycling, visiting each sightseeing spots)
Program fee
8,500 yen pp
Operator Information
Operator Information
Tour coodinator / Land operator
Yumiko Goto


Organizing Furano locals life style experience and Furano's agricultural tourism experience Ece tours.

Also support you special experience for your unforgettable hart warming memory of your holiday in Furano.


Cycling through Tokachidake Dynamic & panoramic Mountain View area. And Hinode Lavender Park is popular spot of summer highlights! More focus on cycling, Great feeling with fresh air in rolling hills.

Company information

Address:9-5, Higashi-machi, Furano city 076-0053 Hokkaido JAPANFurano Hokkaido