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No. 1971Program currently off season
Kushiro Wetland Canoe Experience in Winter 【Kushiro River Tributary Course】 Private Tour / JR Toro Station Transfer
To the fantastic world created by harsh winter ‥ You can enjoy the winter Kushiro Marsh which you can only taste with the eye from the canoe.
Alekinai river which leaves many primitive figures ... If luck is good you can also meet wild animals such as Ezoshika and Egret.
Enjoy the silent wetlands! Because it is a private tour, you can enjoy it without being disturbed by anyone.

To the special Kushiro marsh only of winter. "Limited time" Kushiro Marshland canoeing touring in winter!

Lakeside is located in Kushiro Wetland National Park facing Lake Toro.
Why do not you experience "winter jumping" together with a guide familiar with the field that was a local play area from a young age in a local residence!
The Canoe Touring Course is a tributary of the Kushiro River flowing through the Kushiro Wetland National Park "Alekinai River". You can enjoy about 1 hour canoe tour.
There is a view of the winter Kushiro Marsh which can only be traveled by canoes.

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Program details
Available time period

2020-01-06 - 2020-03-31

Available time period Detail
6 January 2020 - 31 March 2020
Required time
Approximately 1 hour
① 10: 00 ~ 11: 00 
② 13: 00 ~ 14: 00
※ Customers using JR can also perform according to the train time. Please contact us.
Program fee
Adult (Participation with 2 people or more):6,000 yen
Child(Elementary school students and under):3,000 yen
Participation by 1 person:8,000 yen
Included in this fee
Guide fee, equipment set rental fee, consumption tax
Not included in fees
Personal accident insurance ¥ 500 per person separately.
Pick Up Service
If you wish to transfer to JR Tang Road station free of charge , please fill in "Request" column when applying.
Payment method
Pay by cash or card at the site
group / party
If you apply for groups of 8 people or more, we will deduct 10% from the total price.
Accept up to 50 people!

Guides' recommendations,
highlights in this area
○ "Wakasagi Tsukudani" made with Wakasagi caught in Toro lake.
Sweet seasoning is best for rice and alcohol sake friends!
Please contact the staff for purchase.

○ There is also the only natural hot spring in Kushiro Wetland in the suburbs. Among them, "Rest House Kayumarama" is a popular spa inn that cooks that made use of local ingredients. Please heal the outdoor tired body with a hot spring. Http://
Requirements for participation
Meeting location
Required Items
Requirements for participation
○ Please apply over 2 people.
○ 4 years old and over
※ In case of participation by 1 person, we will receive it at a charge of 8,000 yen.
Meeting location
Motomura House Pulau Lake Side
* Building of brown log house style standing on the lake side of Lake Toro.
Address of meeting location
Hokkaido Kawakami gun Shibecha cho, Toganebara No 8 North Line No. 73 ,Shibecha-cho, Kawakami-gun, Hokkaido

【By car】
Approximately 28 km from the Kushiro City Route No. 391 towards Kawayu and Teshiki area

【For public transport 】
JR Kushiomon Line, Get off at
Toro Station ※ Please use free transfer from Toro station

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Things to bring / required items
○ Please wear warm clothes such as warm clothing, cold weather shoes, hat, gloves, ear warming, portable warmers and so on.
Ski · snowboardware etc are also recommended.
○ There are many sunny days in the Kushiro region in winter, so sunglasses and sunscreen are ◎.
※ If you are unsure about preparing clothes, please contact us in advance if you are worried.
○ The course may be changed or the program may be canceled depending on weather conditions, snow cover conditions.
○ The main experience place is in the national park. Please observe the rules and consider nature consideration.
○ Please understand beforehand that it may be changed or canceled by judgment of the guide due to sudden weather deterioration during the experience or during the experience.
In the case of cancellation by customer convenience on the day of the trial day, 50% of the trial fee will be charged as a cancellation fee.
(No cancellation fee will not be incurred if you can contact us by the day before)
Available time period
2020-01-06 - 2020-03-31
Required time
approx. 1 hour
Program fee
Adult: 6,000 yen
Child: 3,000 yen(Elementary school students and under)
Participation by 1 person: 8,000 yen
Operator Information
Operator Information
TOSA, Yoshinori


As experienced locals we guide you through the fields and will see to it that you have a great outdoor experience!


Why not enjoy the canoeing experience in Kushiro Wetland in winter? Local guides from local people will guide you.

Company information

Company:Lakeside Toro
Address:73 Kita 8-sen, Toro-genyaShibecha-cho, Kawakami-gun Hokkaido