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Make Soba Noodles! Lunch at a Chitose Farm House, with Taxi Pick-Up Service


Group of 4 / per person: 7000 yen

  • Area: Chitose (pick-up Sapporo)
    可用的時間段:2017年4月1日 - 2018年3月31日
    Program fee: Group of 4 / per person: 7000 yen

    Make your own soba noodles with original, chemical-free buckwheat!
    Flatten, slice and boil your own soba lunch at a popular local restaurant.
    Make soba noodles together with a group of friends, or the whole family! Pick-up service available from your hotel in Sapporo!

    運營商名稱 北海道Takarajima旅遊
    行程簡介 Soba noodle making for family and group fun! You can taste the buckwheat you just made!

在北海道的農場烹飪 - 用傳統的日本傳統日本蕎麥麵和泡菜



  • 面積:當別町(拾取札幌)
    可用時間:2017年4月1日 - 2018年3月31


    運營商名稱 北海道Takarajima旅遊
    行程簡介 Pick-up service available from your hotel in Sapporo! Enjoy a whole day at our farm and make traditional Japanese food!

Strawberry Harvesting & Strawberry Jam Making Experience


1 person: 2370 yen

  • 地區:富良野
    Available time period:Late Jun. - Mid Jul., Late Aug. - Mid Oct.
    Program fee: 1 person: 2370 yen

    You can enjoy both harvesting strawberries and cooking Strawberry Jam with the fresh berries! A real tasty experience!

    運營商名稱 國家露台Koropokkur
    行程簡介 Let's harvest ripe strawberries, and make delicious Strawberry Jam! You can make a great souvenir by yourself.

[機器翻譯頁] 體驗製作原創富良野豬肉香腸! <May. - 10月>



  • 地區:富良野
    可用時間:月 - 10月


    運營商名稱 國家露台Koropokkur
    行程簡介 不只是為成人,孩子們歡迎試試呢!這是一個有點困難,但是這使得它更值得嘗試!

[機器翻譯頁] Make Soba (bukwheat noodle) using Niseko's pristine water


Price per person: 2700 yen

  • 地區:新雪谷
    Available time period:May. - Oct.
    Program fee: Price per person: 2700 yen

    Let's get a lesson of making Soba (Buckwheat noodle) from Niseko's Soba makinng master!

    運營商名稱 NOC新雪谷戶外中心
    行程簡介 還有,你會覺得像做,當你在戶外一定的室內體驗。

[機器翻譯頁] Experience making delicious sausages with no artificial additives! Overnight stays are also available in a converted former elementary school!


price p/p: 3400 yen

  • 地區:新雪谷
    Program fee: price p/p: 3400 yen

    Make sausages from scratch using local Niseko ingredients as you've never tasted before!

    運營商名稱 Bouken家族
    行程簡介 Experience the exceptional taste of handmade sausages!

[機器翻譯頁] 新雪谷森林戶外烹飪 - 開始用木材切割!在日本的老校舍夜宿



  • 地區:新雪谷
    可用的時間段:四月30 - 十月結束


    運營商名稱 Bouken家族
    行程簡介 We can learn a lot from the way people lived in the past. We need to make a fire to eat, so let's chop some wood! What about the ingredients for the meal? Let's find them in the mountains and rivers of Niseko! Harvest wild plants and vegetables from the farmer's fields. We can even prepare fish and chicken if you like. Kamado rice and Tempure is also available for seasonal dishes, to make a meal you'll never forget!

[機器翻譯頁] 使在札幌巧克力工廠一個cookie,用出租車接送服務


每人4 /成人組:4500日元

  • 地區:札幌
    可用的時間段:2017年4月1日 - 2018年3月31日
    Program fee: Group of 4 / Adult per person: 4500 yen

    Make your own heart-shaped "Shiroi Koibito" Cookie!
    You get the chance to bake a 14-cm heart-shaped Shiroi Koibito cookie, using the same dough and chocolate that makes our products worldwide famous! Write a message on your cookie as a great memory of your trip or a sweet souvenir for a friend!

    運營商名稱 北海道Takarajima旅遊
    行程簡介 You can enjoy the Shiroi-Koibito cookie making ! You can also enjoy drawing a picture on the cookie ! It will be a special souvenir !!

[機器翻譯頁] 北海道的前沿美食 - 讓我們把土豆餃子和黃油



  • 地區:新雪谷
    Available time period:May. 1 - Oct. 31
    Program fee: 1 person: 2160 yen

    Potato dumplings have been common in Hokkaido since the frontier days. Let's make the traditional dish and enjoy the taste.

    運營商名稱 NOC新雪谷戶外中心
    行程簡介 還有,你會覺得像做,當你在戶外一定的室內體驗。

[機器翻譯頁] 庫克正宗北海道靈魂食物“Chanchan燒”中的鮭魚石狩豐富與出租車接送服務


4 /人組:7300日元

  • 地點:石狩(拾取札幌)
    Available time period:2017-04-01 - 2018-03-31
    Required time:3.5 hours
    Program fee: Group of 4 / per person: 7300 yen

    “Chanchan-Yaki” is a classic Hokkaido delicacy, cooked by fisherman and enjoyed by all salmon lovers! It is grilled salmon with vegetables, well known as Hokkaido's beloved soul food; simple, yet rich and delicious.
    This is truly an authentic Hokkaido experience!!
    Pick-up service available from your hotel in Sapporo! Only 50 minutes from Central Sapporo.

    運營商名稱 北海道Takarajima旅遊
    行程簡介 一個漁民的兒子將教你如何做真正的Chanchan燒!你將無法與新鮮的美味,美味醬和奶油調味停止進食米飯一起。

47 搜索結果選定的選項。

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