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2-hour Snow hiking tour with tea time


Price per adult (ages 13 and up): 4000 yen

  • Area: Onuma Park (Onuma Koen)
    Available time period:30 Dec - 31 Mar
    Required time:Approx. 2 hours
    ※We can arrange your starting time
    if schedules allow.
    Please mention your desired starting
    time in the 'Request" column on
    your application form.
    Program fee: Price per adult (ages 13 and up): 4000 yen

    Walk upon a frozen lake following the footprints of the Ezo Red Fox. Trek through knee high snow. Wouldn't you like to walk through a beautiful winter wonderland with an experienced guide?

    運營商名稱 Exander Onuma Canoe House
    行程簡介 Winter sports beginners are welcomed! Why don’t you try cross-country skiing or snowshoeing through the forest or over a frozen lake?

​ ​​ ​冰上垂釣 + 現釣公魚天婦羅 in 札幌茨戶川!



  • Area: Sapporo
    Available time period:12 Jan. - 11 Mar. 2018
    Required time:[Plan A] Morning Course: 4.5 hours
    Program fee: Plan A. Morning Course / Adult: 8000 yen


    運營商名稱 金銀島短途旅行
    行程簡介 Pick-up service available from JR Sapporo Station! Let's go to Ice Fishing!!

[Winter]First in Hokkaido, our clear kayak tour in Lake Shikotsu, rated at number 1 for Japan's purest water for 10 consecutive years !



  • Area: Chitose/ Lake shikotsu
    Available time period:November-March
    Required time:Approx. 1 hour and half
    Program fee: Price per person(12 years and up): 7000 yen

    Our clear glass-bottom kayak tour, the first in Hokkaido. Experience the clear, crisp clear waters of Lake Shikotsu with this amazing craft, only 20 of which have been imported to Japan!

    運營商名稱 遠洋天
    行程簡介 Enjoy Autumn and Winter in Hokkaido. Lake Shikotsu awaits to remind you of how great nature is. Come here to refresh your body and mind.

[非當季行程] Lake Shikotsu Kayak Tour 



  • Available time period:2017-04-29 - 2017-10-27
    Program fee: Adult: 6000 yen

    Come join our Kayak Tour at Shikotsu National Park. You can visit this wild-paradise only 90 min. from Sapporo, and 60 min. from Chitose airport!

    運營商名稱 瀧戶外探險
    行程簡介 所有的代能享受這個程序。支笏湖獨木舟之旅提供TURE享受和自然放鬆,可以讓你燦爛的笑容!

[非當季行程] The lake "Sunk woods" fishing trips with kayak style


Guide rate for 1 Adult: 7500 yen

  • Area: Niseko
    Available time period:June - Oct
    Required time:Please select start time 9:00(AM) 13:00(PM)  4hours required ※ You have to select AM if you choose BBQ option.
    Program fee: Guide rate for 1 Adult: 7500 yen

    Ideal for beginners' experiences. Fishing tackles and outfit are included. You can choose BBQ option. Maximum 9 persons.

    運營商名稱 神威釣魚指南服務

[非當季行程] Spring High Water Rafting!


: 5500 yen

  • Area: Minami Furano-cho
    Available time period:29 Apr. - 28 May
    Program fee: : 5500 yen

    運營商名稱 Sportpia.Co,.Ltd.

[非當季行程] Secret Mud-Pack Onsen! Healing and Beauty for the Whole Body & Stay Overnight in an Old Japanese School Building


  • Area: Niseko
    Available time period:Late May - End of Oct

    Delicate smooth skin, who wouldn't want that? Feel the power of nature in this mysterious secret hot spring! Many customers are thrilled to say it is "ideal for mud beauty treatment."

    運營商名稱 Bouken Kazoku
    行程簡介 This is a secret spot for you to enjoy dipping in the mud to your heart's content! It's completely different from a regular Onsen (Hot Spring). The all-natural full-body mud pack gives you an amazing, uplifting experience!

[非當季行程] The river a salmon going upstream


Special price: Adult (over 12 years old): 4500 yen

  • Area: Noboribetsu
    Available time period:2016-09-01 - 2016-11-30
    Program fee: Special price: Adult (over 12 years old): 4500 yen

    This is the Hokkaido Autumn. You can see the salmon going upstream. It's happen only in Autumn. Please enjoy this exciting guide tour!

    運營商名稱 Noboribetsu Gateway Center
    行程簡介 What an amazing seen a salmon going upstream with their last power. Please enjoy a walk with a guide explanation along the river which is coming from the ocean to the forest. Please visit to see this amazing scenery in Noboribetsu.

[非當季行程] Salmon Run Watching in Niseko's Shiribetsu River


1 person (ages 7 and up): 3780 yen

  • Area: Niseko
    Available time period:Sept. 20 - Oct. 19
    Program fee: 1 person (ages 7 and up): 3780 yen

    This is a very Hokkaido-ish experience...and it's touching too!

    運營商名稱 NOC Niseko Outdoor Center
    行程簡介 This tour entails a touching experience of watching the end of the long and tough journey of salmons, as they struggle their way up the river to give birth to the next generation.

[非當季行程] Body Rafting ~You can only experience here!~


Price per person: 8640 yen

  • Area: Tokachi (Shintoku)
    Available time period:Mid. Jun.-Late Jul./Late Aug.-Mid. Oct.
    Program fee: Price per person: 8640 yen

    A Thrilling river activity ~Using floating tube called "Air Board"~ Feel the river current throughout the body!

    運營商名稱 TAC Tokachi Adventure Club
    行程簡介 Dropping down with "Air Boat" at the same course as our rafting program! It's very thrilling!!

[非當季行程] Kushiro River & Kushiro Wetlands Canoeing - Quick 90-min Yamasemi (Crested Kingfisher) Course


2-person group fee: 18000 yen

  • Area: Kushiro
    Available time period:Mid Apr. - Mid Dec.
    Program fee: 2-person group fee: 18000 yen

    Easy and laid-back course! Come and enjoy drifting down the Kushiro river and through the Kushiro Wetlands. It's a quick tour for people who don't have enough time for the regular course.

    運營商名稱 Toro Nature Center
    行程簡介 Meander your way slowly along the Kushiro river past rarely known spots like Nihommatsu cliff. Special course!

[非當季行程] Sorachi-gawa Rv. Rafting Shi-sorapchi Rv.course


Fee for one person: 5600 yen

  • Area: Furano area
    Available time period:Apr 25st -Oct.31st
    Program fee: Fee for one person: 5600 yen

    運營商名稱 GAKKEISHA
    行程簡介 Classic menu of Sorachi river! The normal course of about 6 km You'll be down the river in 1-2 hours to Ochiai from Kitaochiai of Sorachi river The reservation is required. Held every day.

[非當季行程] Kushiro Marsh Canoeing - Long Course [Private Plan]


1 person: 15000 yen

  • Area: Kushiro
    Available time period:May 8 - Nov 5. (except Aug.)
    Program fee: 1 person: 15000 yen

    Take a long tour through the Kushro Marsh and conquer the whole area!

    運營商名稱 Kushiro Marsh & River
    行程簡介 If you seek for a big canoeing day, this is the plan for you.

[非當季行程] Exciting Kayak Tour in Furano - Limited Offer for 5 Participants!


1 person: 7900 yen

  • Area: Furano
    Available time period:Late Apr. - End of Oct.
    Program fee: 1 person: 7900 yen

    Hop on the single seat kayak, and have fun going down the river with full control in your hands!

    運營商名稱 Wokkys
    行程簡介 Let's paddle down the mellow stream with the guide. Fun activity for beginners too.

[非當季行程] Nature's Flower Tour in the Summer of Kiritappu (Private Guide)


2 to 6 people(per person): 5000 yen

  • Area: Kushiro / Kiritappu
    Available time period:Jun. to Aug.
    Required time:2hours30minutes.
    Starting Times: 9:42am (from JR hamanaka station)
    *Tour end at JR Hamanaka station around 12:00.
    Program fee: 2 to 6 people(per person): 5000 yen

    The summer of Kiritappu is a treasure trove of wild flowers. Walk through nature and enjoy each colorful sight; try to find your favorite!

    運營商名稱 Poroto Guide Lodge
    行程簡介 Walk with a guide through the flowers of Kiritappu. Each flower is preciously growing naturally in the wild of the lands!

[非當季行程] Family Rafting!! [ Age 4 years or older ]


Adult: 5800 yen

  • Area: South Furano
    Available time period:May- Sep
    Program fee: Adult: 5800 yen

    This is a course with nice scenery and smaller waves. Cruise down the river while enjoying the mountains and scenery of beautiful Furano.

    運營商名稱 飛海豚探險服務
    行程簡介 Children can enjoy with ease, because they ride a raft boat down slowly the Panorama course.

[非當季行程] Fishing trips for beginner with float style on Tokachi river


Half Day - Charter a boat (Max. 5 persons): 30000 yen

  • Area: Obihiro, Hokkaido
    Available time period:June – October
    Required time:Half Day: Approx. 4 hours ( 2~3 hours for fishing. It varies depending on fishing course and condition)
    Program fee: Half Day - Charter a boat (Max. 5 persons): 30000 yen

    Fishing tackles and outfit are included. You can choose a BBQ option. Maximum 5 persons.

    運營商名稱 神威釣魚指南服務
    行程簡介 Drift boat fishing trip is the perfect introductory to fishing for the begginer. Fishing tackles and outfit are included.

[非當季行程] Niseko Mountain Range Trekking Half-day Course


Price per person: 4860 yen

  • Area: Niseko
    Available time period:Jun - Oct
    Program fee: Price per person: 4860 yen

    Starting from Niseko Annupuri and passing through Iwaonupuri, Nitonupuri, over mountain ranges and around wetlands, this 5 Km course has all the variety you could ask for!

    運營商名稱 NOC Niseko Outdoor Center
    行程簡介 Recommended for those who are not satisfied with just hiking, this varied course is great for anyone who can walk over mountain ridges and various terrain for up to 5 Km!

[非當季行程] Full-Day Trekking in Niseko Mountains


1 person: 7560 yen

  • Area: Niseko
    Available time period:Jun -Oct
    Program fee: 1 person: 7560 yen

    Let's go for a hike in the mountains including Niseko Annupuri, Iwaonupuri, or Nitonupuri, as well as highland marshes of Niseko. Various choices of trails are available depending on the seasonality.

    運營商名稱 NOC Niseko Outdoor Center
    行程簡介 Aimed rather at experienced trekkers, this program offers you a splendid time in the mountains of Niseko.

[非當季行程] 【Shared Plan】Kushiro Wetlands and Kushiro River Canoe Tour


Price per person (2 people or more): 7000 yen

  • Area: Kushiro
    Available time period:May - November
    Program fee: Price per person (2 people or more): 7000 yen

    Our most popular program. You can enjoy 3 different view in the tour!

    運營商名稱 Lakeside Toro
    行程簡介 Group discount of 500 yen is available per person for a group of 4 people and over!

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