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[非當季行程] Drift ice cruise - photo shooting/birdwatching course


Adult without a SLR camera (Bird Watching Course): 7000 yen

  • Area: Shiretoko
    Available time period:1 Feb 2016- 23 Mar 2016
    Program fee: Adult without a SLR camera (Bird Watching Course): 7000 yen

    Experience a drift ice cruise in mid-winter

    運營商名稱 Maruha Horai Suisan Company Godzilla Rock Sightseeing
    行程簡介 This cruise especially focuses on those wishing to take high quality photos of wildlife such as Steller's sea eagles, white-tailed sea eagles and seals.

Hot-Air Balloon Flight Adventure! Drift Ice, The World Heritage Shiretoko, and Endless Snowfields from the Birds Eye View


A. Adult per person: 24000 yen

  • Area: Hokkaido, Abashiri
    Available time period:10 - 25 Feb. 2018
    Program fee: A. Adult per person: 24000 yen

    This is a real adventure of free flight in the sky with the winds, without a rope fixed to the ground. Try this special flight by one of the best hot-air balloon pilot Mr. Tsuyoshi Miyahara. The flight time is 30 to 40 minutes, and the height is 500-1,000 meters.

    運營商名稱 金銀島短途旅行
    行程簡介 Enjoy a superb view of drift-ice and world natural heritage "Shiretoko" from the hot air balloon!

-day customized tour with a nature guide in Kushiro, Abashiri, and Shiretoko - pick-up and drop-off service included


1 Group (1-4 participants): 55000 yen

  • Area: Kushiro/Abashiri/Shiretoko
    Available time period:All Season
    Required time:One day (including pick-up and drop-off service) *Meeting place can be changed according to your request. *Please inform us if you are staying outside of the Kushiro area after the tour.
    Program fee: 1 Group (1-4 participants): 55000 yen

    Take a chartered tour with our nature guide in East Hokkaido!

    運營商名稱 Nemuro Nature Center
    行程簡介 Enjoy the charms of East Hokkaido fully by joining our tour! This custom-made tour provides you with a lot of fun and enjoyment!

Drift Ice & Birdwatching - Photo Tour 2.5-Hour Course


Adult with own photo equipment (SLR camera, tripod, etc.): 10000 yen

  • Area: Shiretoko/Rausu
    Available time period:Feb. - Mar.
    Required time:Approx.2.5 hours (entire tour time)
    ①Start at Sunrise
    (around 6:00 - 6:30 AM) until 7 Mar
    ②9:00 AM
    *Starting time and duration
    may change depending on weather.
    Program fee: Adult with own photo equipment (SLR camera, tripod, etc.): 10000 yen

    The Drift Ice Cruise - one of the most exciting winter activities in Shiretoko! View the local wildlife from our comfortable tour boat “Evergreen”!

    運營商名稱 Shiretoko Nature Cruise
    行程簡介 Experience our tour boat “Evergreen” and enjoy the cruise in drift ice in Rausu!

Ice ice walk ~ A world of safe and pleasant ice floes walking with the guide ~


: 5100 yen

  • Area: ◆ Abashiri · Shiretoko , · Utoro
    Available time period:2018-02-01 - 2018-03-31
    Program fee: : 5100 yen

    Walk on the sea! Come and experience the Okhotsk Sea covered entirely white with drift ice! It is!

    運營商名稱 SHINRA
    行程簡介 I think that you can experience the mystery of the power of nature and its size, if you walk the ice ice and see the ice of "Ice Blue".

Abashiri Night Watching


: 3000 yen

  • Area: ◆ Abashiri · Shiretoko , · Around Abashiri
    Program fee: : 3000 yen

    Abashiri Night Watching

    行程簡介 Night tour around Abashiri. You can see the Milky Way clearly. The night when stars can not be seen, I am excited about searching for animals, exciting!

[非當季行程] Flepe Waterfall Guide Walk


: 3100 yen

  • Area: Abashiri · Shiretoko , · Utoro
    Available time period:2017-04-01 - 2017-11-30
    Program fee: : 3100 yen

    A mysterious waterfall with no river. The stormy cliffs and the running water are like tears ...

    運營商名稱 SHINRA
    行程簡介 Approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes, you can enjoy pleasant nature walks. It is also a program that you can expect to encounter wild animals.

[非當季行程] Early morning Flepe Waterfall Walking Tour


: 2500 yen

  • Area: Abashiri · Shiretoko , · Utoro
    Available time period:2017-04-22 - 2017-10-22
    Program fee: : 2500 yen

    Let's meet wild animals and wild birds in the refreshing wind of early morning!

    運營商名稱 知床オプショナルツアーズ SOT!
    行程簡介 Why do not you wander a little early and take a stroll with the wild creatures in the quiet Shiretoko Forest?

[非當季行程] Shiretoko night Theater - Let's sneak out the nature's nights!


: 3100 yen

  • Area: Abashiri · Shiretoko , · Utoro
    Available time period:2017-04-23 - 2017-11-20
    Program fee: : 3100 yen

    It is a casual program of Shiretoko night. While traveling by car, looking for wild animals, looking up at the sky on sunny days ...

    運營商名稱 SHINRA
    行程簡介 At Shiretoko 's night, you can enjoy a little different nature from daytime. When moving in the car and illuminating a dark forest with the search light, eyes of Ezoshima and Kita fox shine glaringly. If you are lucky you may encounter moomonga and owls. Because there are few artificial lightings, we can enjoy full of stars in a sunny day.

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