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[行程現在休息] 2 小時的雪地健行之旅外加下午茶時間



  • Area: Onuma Park (Onuma Koen)
    Available time period:30 Dec - 31 Mar
    Required time:Approx. 2 hours
    ※如果行程允許,我們 可以安排您的開始時間。


    Program fee: Price per adult (ages 13 and up): 4000 yen


    運營商名稱 Exander大沼獨木舟之家
    行程簡介 Winter sports beginners are welcomed! Why don’t you try cross-country skiing or snowshoeing through the forest or over a frozen lake?

[行程現在休息] Winter Horseback Riding in Sapporo with Taxi Pick-Up Service


40 minute Course: Group of 4 / per person: 10000 yen

  • 地區:札幌
    Available time period:1 December 2016 ~ 31 March 2017
    Program fee: 40 minute Course: Group of 4 / per person: 10000 yen

    Enjoy horseback riding in the white snow field.
    You can hardly imagine that you are only 40 minutes away from downtown Sapporo.
    Welcome to WILD MUSTANG'S, where a western community is born in Sapporo's outback!

    運營商名稱 北海道Takarajima旅遊
    行程簡介 Come and enjoy this western style horseback riding, and add an unforgettable memory to your visit to Hokkaido!

[行程現在休息] [Winter]First in Hokkaido, our clear kayak tour in Lake Shikotsu, rated at number 1 for Japan's purest water for 9 consecutive years !


Price per person(12 years and up): 5500 yen

  • Area: Chitose/ Lake shikotsu
    Available time period:November-March
    Required time:Approx. 1 hour and half
    Program fee: Price per person(12 years and up): 5500 yen

    Our clear glass-bottom kayak tour, the first in Hokkaido. Experience the clear, crisp clear waters of Lake Shikotsu with this amazing craft, only 20 of which have been imported to Japan!

    運營商名稱 遠洋天
    行程簡介 Enjoy Autumn and Winter in Hokkaido. Lake Shikotsu awaits to remind you of how great nature is. Come here to refresh your body and mind.

[行程現在休息] Rurumappu 滑雪樂園玩雪去!包含計程車接送服務


每人4 /成人組:5500日元

  • 區域:惠庭(拾取札幌)
    課程費用:每人4 /成人組:5500日元

    自費午餐:您可另外加價購買成吉思汗 BBQ 或在雪窑裡的乳酪火鍋

    運營商名稱 北海道Takarajima旅遊
    行程簡介 提供從札幌中央區酒店接送的服務!

[行程現在休息] Fluffy powder snow! Snowshoe downhill on a half day course – a break with hot tea♪


Price per person (from ages 10 and up): 4320 yen

  • 地區:新雪谷
    可用的時間:12月15 - 3月31日
    Program fee: Price per person (from ages 10 and up): 4320 yen

    Take a ride to the top of the mountain in the gondola, then jump out and find yourself cascading down the mountain in an exhilarating shower of powder snow!

    運營商名稱 NOC新雪谷戶外中心
    行程簡介 Try a downhill run on snowshoes from a 1000m peak!

[行程現在休息] Let's experience dogsledding in Furano!(About 100m)


one person: 3000 yen

  • Area: Furano
    Available time period:December 15, 2016~March 20, 2017
    Program fee: one person: 3000 yen

    On a sled, you run with pretty and stout siberian huskys.

    運營商名稱 Furano Trekking Support Yuma
    行程簡介 We make an effort that an each person’s visitor says "It was fun!"

[行程現在休息] 流冰漫步!



  • 面積:莎麗知床

    Winter Shiretoko is a "Theme Park" of Drift Ice! Now let's enjoy, everybody! Step into the frozen sea of Drift Ice!

    運營商名稱 哥斯拉岩觀光流冰漫步
    行程簡介 本公司經驗豐富的導遊非常熟悉知床海,他們將會帶您體驗流冰「漫步」。讓我們來與流冰玩耍吧!]

[行程現在休息] Ride at One of the Japan's Largest Snowmobile Parks! Free pick up/drop off from downtown Sapporo♪


●Dynamic Course (60 min): price for 1 adults ( 2 people minimum): 9800 yen

  • 地區:札幌
    Available time period:10 Dec 2016 - 31 Mar 2017 (depends on snow condition)
    Required time:Dynamic Course: 50~60 minutes
    Exciting Course: 80~ 90 minutes
    *You'll need additional time for
    changing clothes and practice.
    Program fee: ●Dynamic Course (60 min): price for 1 adults ( 2 people minimum): 9800 yen

    You don't have to bring anything!  Includes full wears and equipment rentals.

    運營商名稱 Snowmobile Land Sapporo
    行程簡介 This is a snowmobile guided tour. No experience is necessary. First timers are welcome.

[行程現在休息] Wild animals warmly welcome you! Drift downstream in a canoe along the wintery Kushiro wetlands! Kingfisher course. We offer 6 courses in 1 day.


1 boat/2 participants (price per person): 11000 yen

  • 地區:釧路
    Available time period:December 1 2016 - March 31 2017
    Program fee: 1 boat/2 participants (price per person): 11000 yen

    Float in a canoe downstream along the Kushiro wetlands!

    運營商名稱 Toro Nature Center
    行程簡介 This is an insider's tip canoe course. Floating slowly and quietly downstream and feeling the fantastic wetlands atmosphere is an exceptional experience!

[行程現在休息] 網走市的雪地冒險,欣賞冰瀑美景



  • 地區:網走
    可用的時間段:。LateDec - 延遲三月


    運營商名稱 鄂霍次克海Jinendo
    行程簡介 每年都能看到不同風貌的冰瀑,你還在等什麼呢?

[行程現在休息] 在札幌市國營瀧野鈴蘭丘陵公園玩雪! 提供計程車接送服務


4 /人組:3500日元

  • 地區:札幌
    課程費用:組的4 /每人:3500日元

    甚至 2 歲的孩童也可以加入!

    運營商名稱 北海道Takarajima旅遊
    行程簡介 Get on a big tube and take a ride up the rope toe, have fun sliding down the longest snow slide in Sapporo! You can play in the snow with your children!

[行程現在休息] Hot air balloon free flight! Best views of Hokkaido's winter wonderland! Experience views of the Hokkaido snowscape from a height of 100m!


Adult (ages 13 and up): 14000 yen

  • Area: Furano
    Available time period:23. Dec - 31. Mar
    Program fee: Adult (ages 13 and up): 14000 yen

    This program is only available in winter. Enjoy a free-flight in the open air over snow-covered fields and experience the beauty of Furano in winter!

    運營商名稱 Furano Nature Club
    行程簡介 This is an experience you can only have in winter! Hop in a hot air balloon and experience the grandeur of the Furano valley spread out below you like a giant quilt!

[行程現在休息] Experience a DOG SLEDDING Tour in Tokachi ♪ (12km)


Basic Plan (2 adults): 34560 yen

  • Area: Shikaoi Tokachi
    Available time period:17 Dec.2016 - 21 May 2017
    Required time:Approx. 2 hours
    ※Dog sledding:40-60 min
    Program fee: Basic Plan (2 adults): 34560 yen

    A 12km long dog sledding tour through Tokachi's vast snow fields!


[行程現在休息] Enjoy snowmobiling (60, 90, and 120 minutes) and a BBQ lunch Venison is also available! -- With pick up and drop off from the nearest station --


60 min plan (price per person / minimum 2 participants): 10500 yen

  • Area: Sapporo(Eniwa)
    Available time period:Mid December - March
    Required time:Approx. 2 - 3 hours
    (Snowmobile + BBQ, 90minutes)

    Program fee: 60 min plan (price per person / minimum 2 participants): 10500 yen

    Riding a snowmobile and eating delicious BBQ on a table made of snow, only here at 10 Pound!

    運營商名稱 10 pound
    行程簡介 Enjoy a delicious Winter BBQ after snowmobiling through the wonderful powder snow of Hokkaido!

[行程現在休息] SNOW-SHOE TREKKING Sapporo


1person(More than 2 participants): 6000 yen

  • 地區:札幌
    Available time period:2016-12-10 - 2017-03-31
    Program fee: 1person(More than 2 participants): 6000 yen

    There is a big woods near Sapporo. Have fun with family, freinds, couple. Private SNOW-SHOE TREKKING in the snowy woods. Bird watching with a field glasses and animal-tracking like squirrel or rabbit.

    行程簡介 Feel Hokkaido going through the nature. The special experience makes you so refreshed.There are many scenic places near Sapporo, without going to far resort area. We will show you the fine actvity as it changes from season to season.

[行程現在休息] Winter Nature Discovery Tour on Snowshoes! Half & Full Day Hiking Course


Half Day tour with snack - Adults (ages 13 and up): 4500 yen

  • Area: Minami-Furano
    Available time period:20 December 2015 - 3 April 2016
    Required time:Half Day Course
    Total time approx. 2.5 hours

    Full Day Course
    Total time approx. 7 hours
    Program fee: Half Day tour with snack - Adults (ages 13 and up): 4500 yen

    Put on a pair of snowshoes and stroll through the forests of Furano! Hike through the powdery snow, discover the footprints of small forest animals! For adults and children, everyone can enjoy.

    運營商名稱 NPO Donkoro戶外學校
    行程簡介 Let's go hiking through the forest on snowshoes! These snowshoes are a bit bigger but much lighter than traditional Japanese Kanjiki (snowshoes).

[行程現在休息] 【Winter Program】Japanese red-crowned crane observation tour! Let's get to know the Japanese crane!


Adults: 8500 yen

  • 地區:釧路
    Available time period:November 1 2012 - February 28 2013
    Program fee: Adults: 8500 yen

    Let's get to know the Japanese crane! This is an all season tour which provides the possibility to see the Kushiro wetlands and lets us realize the symbiosis of nature and humans while observing the Japanese crane.

    運營商名稱 Toro Nature Center
    行程簡介 It is often said that the Japanese crane can only be seen in the winter time, but actually you can meet him in all seasons.

[行程現在休息] First in Japan! Driving & exhilarating time attack game in the snow! Wintering cabbage harvest and warm crab hot pot in the snow hut included!


Driving + Cabbage harvest + Crab hot pot: 13000 yen

  • Area: Ebetsu
    Available time period:28 Dec 2016 - 12 Mar 2017
    Program fee: Driving + Cabbage harvest + Crab hot pot: 13000 yen

    Limited to 10 guests per day! Exciting snow driving and time attack challege! Afterwards, have fun harvesting sweet cabbages, and head to the snow hut for warm crab hot pot!

    運營商名稱 SAMURAI
    行程簡介 You won't find the chance to have fun driving in the snow like this anywhere else!

[行程現在休息] 盡情的玩雪吧!建造你的雪屋,跳進雪裡大玩一番!



  • 地區:新雪谷

    Pile up snow and make a snow hut and turn it into a fantastic space with candles. Play with snow next to your snow hut!

    運營商名稱 Bouken家族
    行程簡介 肆意地在雪地玩耍!建造雪屋與跳雪將會是你無法忘懷的體驗。盡情享受吧!

[行程現在休息] Experience spectacular views of the city of Sapporo (pop. 1.9 million) on one side, and the natural beauty of the Japan Sea on the other! Teine Highland private guide and powder ski lesson!


●1 hr course (2 participants/price for two): 11100 yen

  • Area: Sapporo Teine
    Available time period:Mid Dec. - Late March
    Program fee: ●1 hr course (2 participants/price for two): 11100 yen

    On a fine day, Sapporo-shi downtown, the Sea of Japan and a superb view in Ishikari-heiya and Tokachidake Yubaridake can be enjoyed. A course guide makes the nature zone in a powder zone in TEINE! You're hoping and won't you also try famous "Kitakabe course"?

    運營商名稱 Miura Yuichiro & Snow Dolphin Ski School
    行程簡介 Come and experience the spectacular views and internationally famous Hokkaido powder snow at Sapporo Teine Highlands!

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