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[非當季行程] NAC's Mt. Yotei backcountry tour incl. onsen (hot spring)


Adult (ages 16 and up) 1-3 people /4-6 people:additional 15000JPY/people: 60000 yen

  • 地區:新雪谷
    Available time period:Dec.1 - Mar. 31
    Program fee: Adult (ages 16 and up) 1-3 people /4-6 people:additional 15000JPY/people: 60000 yen

    Interested, but worried about the big bad mountain? NAC has got you covered.

    運營商名稱 NAC雪谷探險中心
    行程簡介 Enjoy the Mt. Yotei backcountry with our professional guide!

[非當季行程] Ride the natural field - Backcountry Ski & Snowboard Tour with chair lift access


Adult (ages 16 and up)1 - 6 people: 45000 yen

  • 地區:新雪谷
    Available time period:Dec.1 - Mar.31
    Program fee: Adult (ages 16 and up)1 - 6 people: 45000 yen

    Ski or snowboard in Niseko Grand Hirafu, the paradise of off-piste riding!

    運營商名稱 NAC雪谷探險中心
    行程簡介 Enjoy off-piste riding with professional guide!

Let's take a walk through Niseko's nature on skis! Half day course including tea time.


Price per person (ages 10 and up): 4860 yen

  • 地區:新雪谷
    Available time period:Dec 20. - May 6
    Program fee: Price per person (ages 10 and up): 4860 yen

    Take a stroll over hills and through forests on these unique skis.

    運營商名稱 NOC新雪谷戶外中心
    行程簡介 Enjoy skiing off of the runs over the open fields. Safe and fun even for complete beginners.

Backcountry Ski/Snowboard Tour for all skill levels


1 person (in group of 2): 12800 yen

  • Area: Tokachi, Furano, Hidaka
    Available time period:End of Dec. - Apr. (depends on snow)
    Program fee: 1 person (in group of 2): 12800 yen

    This program is intended to be a starter of your backcountry experience. Single participants welcome too. So worry no more, let's drop in!

    運營商名稱 TAC Tokachi Adventure Club
    行程簡介 TAC's backcountry tour provides an opportunity to have fun and hone your skills in a small group.

Snow Trekking in Mt. Daisetsu for any skill level: half day course


Half Day: 7000 yen

  • 地區:富良野
    Available time period:23 Dec. - 6 May.
    Program fee: Half Day: 7000 yen

    Hike, ride, and maybe crash at Mt. Daisetsu, Hokkaido's highest mountain.

    運營商名稱 Furano Nature Club
    行程簡介 Trekking in Mt. Daisetsu of Tokachi area, flexible plans suit even beginners!

Mt.Daisetsu's Powder Snow Tour 2018~ with Adventure Skier Mr.Yoshi Wada


Share tour(2 or more people): 14000 yen

  • Area: Asahikawa
    Available time period:17 Feb - 25 Mar
    Required time:Approx. 6 hours (9am - 3pm)
    Program fee: Share tour(2 or more people): 14000 yen

    The Daisetsu mountain range is known to have the best snow quality nationwide.
    Experience skiing as you never have before!! The thrill is indescribable.
    Mt. Daisetsu is the place the best back country skiers long for.
    Let's hit the slopes with a professional ski instructor at Mt.Asashidake, one of the highest in Hokkaido!

    運營商名稱 Wada Promotion
    行程簡介 Mr. Yoshimasa Wada is known as an extreme and adventure-seeking professional skier. He invites you to experience the perfect powder ski route on Mt.Asahidake. We have guests from Europe and Australia who come looking for the finest powder snow every year. You can be the next!

[非當季行程] Program outside the period】 Phonee powder cate


: 42000 yen

  • Area: ◆ Southern Asahikawa · Sounkyo Gorge
    Available time period:2016-12-25 - 2017-03-31
    Program fee: : 42000 yen

    Skiing and snowboarding to a snowy car nicknamed nicknamed snowy mountain!

    運營商名稱 NAC雪谷探險中心
    行程簡介 Powder cat tour at sacred ground of backcountry, Fukagawa sound. While effectively utilizing the site of the former Shenzhen ski resort, we will guide a few slides in the morning, several in the afternoon, a total of 6 to 8 slips. Lunch is served at Apple Center Noji for lunch.

[非當季行程] 【Program outside the period】 To heaven of powder snow! ~ Rishiri back country ♪ 


: 10800 yen

  • Area: ◆ Wakkanai · Rumo · Northeast , ◆ Remote island
    Available time period:2017-02-01 - 2017-05-05
    Program fee: : 10800 yen

    Beauty and splendor of the location of Rishiriyama in winter can not be words! If you aim for the best powder of snow quality January - March, the weather will stabilize is April ~ GW!

    運營商名稱 Rishiri Nature Guide Service
    行程簡介 The best location is surrounded by 360 ° sea. Pleasant feeling of sliding towards the sea in a field free from congestion!

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