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​ ​​ ​冰上垂釣 + 現釣公魚天婦羅 in 札幌茨戶川!



  • 地區:札幌


    運營商名稱 金銀島短途旅行
    行程簡介 Pick-up service available from JR Sapporo Station! Let's go to Ice Fishing!!

釣魚經驗與手持釣魚!免費溫暖的衣服免費租賃包括! “從札幌接送/帶溫泉洗澡”



  • 地區:札幌/ Sorachi
    可用時間:2017-12-22 - 2018-03-20

    一邊銀世界魚在冰上釣魚! HOKKAIDO!它是!

    行程簡介 這是一個節目,只有當你凍結在冬季的湖泊,這個財政年度開始的新的釣魚點,你才可以享受!請與您的家人和朋友一起享受♪

Experience Ainu culture with English speaking guide [Private tour]


8 travelers: 13000 yen

  • Area: Shiraoi
    Available time period:6 Jan. - 28 Feb. 2018
    Program fee: 8 travelers: 13000 yen

    Learn about Ainu (Indigenous people in Hokkaido) culture surrounding salmon and its use in daily life. Through the lecture and experience, you will know how they live with the great nature in this cold island. Salmon dishes prepared the way the Ainu used to eat them are included!

    運營商名稱 金銀島短途旅行
    行程簡介 Learn about Ainu people, an indigenous people of Hokkaido!

Enjoy the City Lights of Sapporo, with Taxi Pick-Up Service


Group of 4 / Adult per person: 4300 yen

  • 地區:札幌
    Available time period:1 Apr. - 20 Nov. 2017, 1 Dec. 2017 - 31 Mar. 2018
    Required time:2.5 hours
    Program fee: Group of 4 / Adult per person: 4300 yen

    Mt. Moiwa is chosen as one of the "Top Three New Night Views of Japan."
    We will pick you up at your hotel in central Sapporo for a view of the glowing city lights.
    This taxi plan takes you to both Mt. Moiwa, chosen as one of Hokkaido's top three night views, and a local favorite, Asahiyama Memorial Park. It can be a quick trip before or after dinner, to complete your experience of Sapporo City!

    運營商名稱 金銀島短途旅行
    行程簡介 Mt. Moiwa has been named one of the top three night views of Hokkaido, and you can visit it on a private chartered taxi plan. We will also take you to a local favorite, Asahiyama Memorial Park to enjoy a glowing view of the city lights.

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