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[行程現在休息] ~北海道兩手空空露營 in 新篠津公園露營場!在一望無際的田園露營場,享受內附用餐及溫泉 輕鬆自在的兩手空空露營♪



  • 地區:新筱津村,石狩


    運營商名稱 金銀島短途旅行
    行程簡介 北海道兩手空空露營 in 新篠津公園露營場!在一望無際的田園露營場,享受內附用餐及溫泉 輕鬆自在的兩手空空露營♪

[行程現在休息] At the Eniwa Ruru Mappu Nature Park Campsite, we provide all the gear you need to enjoy a great overnight camping experience


Adult (ages 12 and up): 7500 yen

  • Area: Eniwa (Near Sapporo &Chitose)
    Available time period:July 1 to September 24, 2017
    Required time:1 night 2 days (20 hours maximum stay)
    Program fee: Adult (ages 12 and up): 7500 yen

    As a continuation of last year’s improvements on tents, BBQ site, etc., this year we are completely remodeling our food menu!
    It is located between New Chitose Airport and Sapporo City. Campers can enjoy Park golf, an outdoor BBQ, at starry night.
    Only 10 tents are available each day, so an early reservation is highly recommended!

    運營商名稱 金銀島短途旅行
    行程簡介 Each group has a tent, which has already been set up. Sleeping bags and a roofed BBQ site is provided. No preparation and clean up is required.

[機器翻譯頁]​ ​ Rafting at Tokachi River & Fun Kayaking at Lake Kuttari ★BBQ Lunch package available★


Price per adult (Apr. - Jun. & Oct. - Nov.): 5400 yen

  • Area: Tokachi (Shintoku)
    Available time period:Late Apr - Early Nov
    Program fee: Price per adult (Apr. - Jun. & Oct. - Nov.): 5400 yen

    Certainly two types are better than one!

    運營商名稱 TAC Tokachi Adventure Club
    行程簡介 We highly recommend this plan! Enjoy both the excitement of river rafting down the rapids and leisurely touring on a lake in a fun kayak!

[機器翻譯頁]​ ​ Enjoy the City Lights of Sapporo, with Taxi Pick-Up Service


Group of 4 / Adult per person: 4300 yen

  • 地區:札幌
    Available time period:1 Apr. - 20 Nov. 2017, 1 Dec. 2017 - 31 Mar. 2018
    Required time:2.5 hours
    Program fee: Group of 4 / Adult per person: 4300 yen

    Mt. Moiwa is chosen as one of the "Top Three New Night Views of Japan."
    We will pick you up at your hotel in central Sapporo for a view of the glowing city lights.
    This taxi plan takes you to both Mt. Moiwa, chosen as one of Hokkaido's top three night views, and a local favorite, Asahiyama Memorial Park. It can be a quick trip before or after dinner, to complete your experience of Sapporo City!

    運營商名稱 金銀島短途旅行
    行程簡介 Mt. Moiwa has been named one of the top three night views of Hokkaido, and you can visit it on a private chartered taxi plan. We will also take you to a local favorite, Asahiyama Memorial Park to enjoy a glowing view of the city lights.

[機器翻譯頁] Tokachi River Splash · Cruising ~ Participated from 4 years old OK ~


: 4800 yen

  • Area: ◆ Obihiro · Tokachi
    Available time period:2017-05-20 - 2017-11-03
    Program fee: : 4800 yen

    A river tour for pre-school children, elementary school lower grades, which can participate from the age of 4! To get rid of the bad guy, even for the first time I gave courage and challenge various things! It is!

    運營商名稱 TAC Tokachi Adventure Club
    行程簡介 Dad, mother, and family members should board the rafting boat together and see the children's hard work. I will be touched by the shape of my daughter who has never been seen!

[機器翻譯頁] Adventure rafting experience at Tokachi River experience with hot spring bathing tickets


: 4300 yen

  • Area: ◆ Obihiro · Tokachi
    Available time period:2017-04-22 - 2017-11-03
    Program fee: : 4300 yen

    It is a tour that only rafting down the torrent is carried on a large specialized rubber boat. Tour time is short, so also recommended for those who do not have time! Of course we can enjoy plunge and water play well, and we are very happy with hot spring bath ticket! It is!

    運營商名稱 TAC Tokachi Adventure Club
    行程簡介 It is a recommended plan that you can enjoy rafting rafting descent in half a day! It is!

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