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[Program currently off season] Horse Sleigh Farm Tour


1 hour: 12000 yen

  • Area: Onuma
    Available time period:All Year
    Program fee: 1 hour: 12000 yen
    Language: English

    Let's enjoy farm tour in winter.

    Operator name Onuma Nagareyma Ranch/Paard Musée
    Comments Come relax with the horses at a vast ranch in a beautiful location, with a great view of Komagatake mountain.

【In winter】Lake Mashu Star Watching Tour


Adult: 3500 yen

  • Area: Lake Mashu
    Available time period:All Year
    Required time:about 90 mins
    Program fee: Adult: 3500 yen
    Language: Japanese

    Everyone's 30 minutes star watching plan chosen by the professional at Lake Mashu without any light and sound.

    Operator name Tourism Teshikaga
    Comments We will guide you a interesting story of the stars. Although this tour is in Japanese only, you will enjoy the beautiful star under the clear sky.

Lake Hill trekking, lake trekking & family lake trekking course! See all of beautiful Lake Toya in one steep with this scenic mountain course!


Lake Trekking: 4860 yen

  • Area: Lake Toya
    Available time period:All Year (except beginning and end of snow season)
    Required time:* Lake Hill Trekking (late May - Oct): 90 mins

    * Lake Trekking (year-round): 40 mins (Apr - Nov)/ 35 mins (Dec - Mar)

    * Family Lake Trekking (year-round): 35 mins (Apr - Nov)/ 30 mins (Dec - Mar)

    For all programs, starting times are:
    (15:20 is final in Oct-Mar)
    (12:30 slot from 29th April to 6th May is not available)

    Program fee: Lake Trekking: 4860 yen
    Language: Japanese,English

    Lake Toya is a caldera lake in Shikotsu-Toya National Park, one of the No.1 tourist attractions in Hokkaido.This region features hot springs and an active volcano which last erupted in the year 2000.The beautiful lake was chosen as the location of the the G8 summit which Japan hosted in 2008.

    Operator name Lake Toya Ranch
    Comments Enjoy trekking on the full-blown mountain trails! All your family members, total beginners to well experienced riders will enjoy the spectacular scenery from on the horseback.

2-hour Snow hiking tour with tea time


Price per adult (ages 13 and up): 4000 yen

  • Area: Onuma Park (Onuma Koen)
    Available time period:30 Dec - 31 Mar
    Required time:Approx. 2 hours
    ※We can arrange your starting time
    if schedules allow.
    Please mention your desired starting
    time in the 'Request" column on
    your application form.
    Program fee: Price per adult (ages 13 and up): 4000 yen
    Language: Japanese,English

    Walk upon a frozen lake following the footprints of the Ezo Red Fox. Trek through knee high snow. Wouldn't you like to walk through a beautiful winter wonderland with an experienced guide?

    Operator name Exander Onuma Canoe House
    Comments Winter sports beginners are welcomed! Why don’t you try cross-country skiing or snowshoeing through the forest or over a frozen lake?

Ride at One of the Japan's Largest Snowmobile Parks! Free pick up/drop off from downtown Sapporo♪


●Dynamic Course (60 min): price for 1 adults ( 2 people minimum): 10800 yen

  • Area: Sapporo
    Available time period:10 Dec 2017 - 31 Mar 2018 (depends on snow condition)
    Required time:Dynamic Course: 50~60 minutes
    Exciting Course: 80~ 90 minutes
    *You'll need additional time for
    changing clothes and practice.
    Program fee: ●Dynamic Course (60 min): price for 1 adults ( 2 people minimum): 10800 yen
    Language: Japanese,English

    You don't have to bring anything!  Includes full wears and equipment rentals.

    Operator name Snowmobile Land Sapporo
    Comments This is a snowmobile guided tour. No experience is necessary. First timers are welcome.

Night walk at hell valley! night adventure


Special price : Adult (over 12 years old): 1800 yen

  • Area: Noboribetsu
    Available time period:All season program
    Program fee: Special price : Adult (over 12 years old): 1800 yen
    Language: Japanese,English

    This is easy going tour to walk around hell valley with a guide. Enjoy the wild iconic of Noboribetsu with local guide!

    Operator name Noboribetsu Gateway Center
    Comments Let's enjoy different hell valley at night with only the moonlight and the candle! After the sun set,the hell valley where it is really popular place during daytime, will be surrounded by quiet and dark air.

Fluffy powder snow! Snowshoe downhill on a half day course – a break with hot tea♪


Price per person (from ages 10 and up): 4320 yen

  • Area: Niseko
    Available time period:Jan.04 - March 31
    Program fee: Price per person (from ages 10 and up): 4320 yen
    Language: Japanese,English

    Take a ride to the top of the mountain in the gondola, then jump out and find yourself cascading down the mountain in an exhilarating shower of powder snow!

    Operator name NOC Niseko Outdoor Center
    Comments Try a downhill run on snowshoes from a 1000m peak!

Hot air balloon free flight! Best views of Hokkaido's winter wonderland! Experience views of the Hokkaido snowscape from a height of 500m!


Adult (ages 13 and up): 14000 yen

  • Area: Furano
    Available time period:23. Dec - 31. Mar
    Program fee: Adult (ages 13 and up): 14000 yen
    Language: Japanese,English

    This program is only available in winter. Enjoy a free-flight in the open air over snow-covered fields and experience the beauty of Furano in winter!

    Operator name Furano Nature Club
    Comments This is an experience you can only have in winter! Hop in a hot air balloon and experience the grandeur of the Furano valley spread out below you like a giant quilt!

"Snowshoe Hiking & Forest Cafe" Half & Full Day Course


Half Day tour with snack - Adults (ages 13 and up): 4500 yen

  • Area: Minami-Furano
    Available time period:15 December 2017 - 31 March 2018
    Required time:Half Day Course
    Total time approx. 2.5 hours

    Full Day Course
    Total time approx. 7 hours
    Program fee: Half Day tour with snack - Adults (ages 13 and up): 4500 yen
    Language: Japanese,English

    Snowshoes make you free in the winter forest.

    Operator name NPO Donkoro Outdoor School
    Comments Let's go hiking through the forest on snowshoes! Choose Half day with snacks or 1 day with lunch.

[Program currently off season] At Shinshinotsu Park Campsite, we provide all gear you need! Including meals + hot spring in rural area of Hokkaido.


Adult (ages 12 and up): 9000 yen

  • Area: Shinshinotsu, Ishikari
    Available time period:Early of June to end of September
    Program fee: Adult (ages 12 and up): 9000 yen
    Language: Japanese,English

    Camping near from Sapporo is so popular in every year. Only 15 tents are available each day, so an early reservation is highly recommended!

    Operator name Treasure Island Short Trips
    Comments At rural area of Hokkaido, you will have a wonderful summer experience with your family. It must be one of a special memory of summer vacation for you.

There are 284 search results for the selected options.

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