Shiretoko / AbashiriArea
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No.4613Program currently off season
Pink salmon fishing at Shiretoko National Park with Island Transfer fishing style.
Shiretoko National Park
Available time period
Late July to Mid Sept
Required time
Hours-Full Day: 8 hours In general, travel time from hotels to fishing site is not included. But based on KAMUY’s risk management, total hours for a trip shall not be exceed 10 hours during june to september and 8 hours during cold season. Our guides shall strictly observe this rule for your safe trip. *Examples-Summer: Leaving at 2:00 AM and coming back by 12:00 PM.
No.1673Program currently off season
Kaminoko-ike, a beautiful pond in the mountains, is only accessible with snowshoes. On the way, you can enjoy the scenery and encounters with wild birds and animals too!
Okhotsk/Shiretoko (Kiyosato)
Available time period
Mid Dec. - Mid Mar.
Program fee
Price per person(2 people or more): : 8000 yen
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