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1 person: 9000 yen

  • Area: Fuano
    Available time period:All Year
    Required time:Approx. 1 hour
    Program fee: 1 person: 9000 yen
    Language: Japanese,English

    A motor paraglider is safe and easy. Let's fly high in Furano !

    Operator name MPG Sorachi
    Comments Fly into the wild Blue younder with a motor paraglider (Paramotoring)!! No experience needed !


Adult (ages 13 and up): 14000 yen

  • Area: Furano
    Available time period:22. Dec - 31. Mar
    Program fee: Adult (ages 13 and up): 14000 yen
    Language: Japanese,English

    This program is only available in winter. Enjoy a free-flight in the open air over snow-covered fields and experience the beauty of Furano in winter!

    Operator name Furano Nature Club
    Comments This is an experience you can only have in winter! Hop in a hot air balloon and experience the grandeur of the Furano valley spread out below you like a giant quilt!


Adult: 7500 yen

  • Area: Takikawa
    Available time period:Late Apr - Late Nov
    Required time:30 mins (incl. lectures)
    Starting times available between
    10:00 to 16:00.
    Please let us know your choice at the time of booking.
    Program fee: Adult: 7500 yen
    Language: Japanese,English

    Summon your courage and challenge free-flight! The best gliding experience in Japan! About 10 minutes of prolonged gliding!

    Operator name SATA: Skysport Association of Takikawa
    Comments Wouldn't you like to come and realize your dreams of flying? Come and enjoy this incredible experience


Adults (from age 13 and up): 2700 yen

  • Area: Niseko
    Available time period:Weekends on Jun 3- Sep 17 (everyday in summer,Jul 21-Aug 31)
    Program fee: Adults (from age 13 and up): 2700 yen
    Language: Japanese,English

    Come and experience the sensation of flying through the clear morning air suspended from a hot-air balloon! This is a tethered flight so you can relax and enjoy the view carefree!

    Operator name Hokkaido Lion Adventure
    Comments This flight is a special experience awaiting those who can get up early!

There are 4 search results for the selected options.

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