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  • Area: Fuano
    Available time period:All Year
    Language: English

    A motor paraglider is safe and easy. Let's fly high in Furano !

    Operator name Hokkaido Wings
    Comments Fly into the wild blue sky with a motor paraglider (Paramotoring)!! No experience needed !


Adult: 7500 yen

  • Area: Takikawa
    Available time period:Late Apr - Late Nov
    Program fee: Adult: 7500 yen
    Language: Japanese,English

    Summon your courage and challenge free-flight! The best gliding experience in Japan! About 10 minutes of prolonged gliding!

    Operator name SATA: Skysport Association of Takikawa
    Comments Wouldn't you like to come and realize your dreams of flying? Come and enjoy this incredible experience


Adult (ages 13 and up): 11500 yen

  • Area: Hidaka
    Available time period:Apr. 29- Mid Oct.
    Program fee: Adult (ages 13 and up): 11500 yen
    Language: Japanese,English

    Mukawa (or Mu River) is reputed as Hokkaido's no. 1 whitewater rafting destination. Combine it with Hidaka area's Saru River, and you will have a big day of fun and excitement!

    Operator name HOA Hokkaido Outdoor Adventures
    Comments This is a true value package that covers rafting in two major rapids, as well as lunch and hot spring bathing!


Adults (from age 13 and up): 2700 yen

  • Area: Niseko
    Available time period:Weekends on Jun 4 thru Sep 18 (everyday in summer,Jul 23 thru Aug 31)
    Program fee: Adults (from age 13 and up): 2700 yen
    Language: Japanese,English

    Come and experience the sensation of flying through the clear morning air suspended from a hot-air balloon! This is a tethered flight so you can relax and enjoy the view carefree!

    Operator name Hokkaido Lion Adventure
    Comments This flight is a special experience awaiting those who can get up early!


Adult (ages 13 and up): 14000 yen

  • Area: Furano
    Available time period:23. Dec - 31. Mar
    Program fee: Adult (ages 13 and up): 14000 yen
    Language: Japanese,English

    This program is only available in winter. Enjoy a free-flight in the open air over snow-covered fields and experience the beauty of Furano in winter!

    Operator name Furano Nature Club
    Comments This is an experience you can only have in winter! Hop in a hot air balloon and experience the grandeur of the Furano valley spread out below you like a giant quilt!


Single participant: 4500 yen

  • Area: Abashiri
    Available time period:1 Feb ~ 5 Mar 2017
    Program fee: Single participant: 4500 yen
    Language: Japanese

    【Limited Time Only 】Hop on the helicopter and enjoy the view of drift ice from the sky ♪ The beauty of it will leave you speechless. Feel the power of the ice!

    Operator name HELI-SYS, Hokusei,inc.
    Comments Enjoy flying over a spectacular field of drift ice!


Per Person [2-4 persons per room]: 60000 yen

  • Area: Tshikaga, Lake Mashu
    Available time period:1st trip: 1 March ~ 3 March 2017, 2nd trip: 3 March ~ 5 March 2017
    Program fee: Per Person [2-4 persons per room]: 60000 yen
    Language: Japanese

    The first program in Japan to offer a view of the "Mashu blue" of mysterious
    Lake Mashu from the sky!
    Flying at altitude 2,000 m - 3,000 m that higher than the birds fly
    by free-flight Hot air balloon!!
    Mashu balloon ship will be operated by experienced pilot who has over
    1000 hours flight time called Mr. Takeshi Miyahara.
    Moreover, the challenger price is at very good value!!

    Operator name Hokkaido Takarajima Travel
    Comments Over 1,000 flight hours! The super veteran pilot of the "Mashu Kisen" Mr.Takeshi Miyahara, will guide you on this Mashu Adventure Flight. You are sure to be impressed by Lake Mashu which can only be viewed from a hot air balloon! Blend into the sky and become one with the wind as you enjoy a midair stroll♪

There are 7 search results for the selected options.

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