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[機器翻譯頁] Ceramic Art Experience [Dokidoki Course]


1 person (1kg clay): 3250 yen

  • Area: Ebetsu (near Sapporo)
    Available time period:All Year
    Program fee: 1 person (1kg clay): 3250 yen
    Language: Japanese,English

    Joy of making a form with clay, joy of choosing the glaze, joy of waiting for the finish work, joy of using it... come join and have it all!

    Operator name Atelier Toh
    Comments This program welcomes everybody regardless of experience.

SNOW-SHOE TREKKING at Naganuma Haiji Ranch


Price per person(2 people or more): 8000 yen

  • Area: near Sapporo
    Available time period:2017-12-01 - 2018-03-31
    Program fee: Price per person(2 people or more): 8000 yen
    Language: Japanese,English

    Have fun with family, freinds, couple. Private SNOW-SHOE TREKKING in the snowy woods. Naganuma Haiji Ranch is away from Sapporo for 1 hour by car. This is Hokkaido scenery, the best course! After trekking, will show you to the beautiful restaurant using local vegetables.

    Comments Feel Hokkaido going through the nature. The special experience makes you so refreshed.There are many scenic places near Sapporo, without going to far resort area. We will show you the fine actvity as it changes from season to season.

[機器翻譯頁] Cook Authentic Hokkaido Soul Food “Chanchan-Yaki” in Salmon Rich Ishikari with Taxi Pick-Up Service


Group of 4 / per person: 7300 yen

  • Area: Ishikari (pick-up Sapporo)
    Available time period:2017-04-01 - 2018-03-31
    Required time:3.5 hours
    Program fee: Group of 4 / per person: 7300 yen
    Language: Japanese

    "Chanchan-Yaki" is a classic Hokkaido delicacy, cooked by fisherman and enjoyed by all salmon lovers! It is grilled salmon with vegetables, well known as Hokkaido's beloved soul food; simple, yet rich and delicious.
    This is truly an authentic Hokkaido experience!!
    Pick-up service available from your hotel in Sapporo! Only 50 minutes from Central Sapporo.

    Operator name Treasure Island Short Trips
    Comments The son of a fisherman will teach you how to make real Chanchan-Yaki! You won't be able to stop eating rice together with the freshly made delicacy, seasoned with delicious miso and butter.

[Machine translation page] Local fish experiences ♪ together with "Hama's Mama" in the town of fishing industry south of Shikabe ♪


: 3000 yen

  • Area: ◆ Hakodate-Onuma-Donan , Hakodate , - Onuma around
    Available time period:All season program
    Program fee: : 3000 yen
    Language: Japanese

    One hour by car from Hakodate! Experience home-grown local specialties with "Hama's Mama" at the fisherman's town, Shikabe-cho facing the Pacific Ocean, the eruption bay ♪

    Operator name
    Comments Why do not you enjoy cooking experiences while talking happily with the mothers on the beach of Shikabe?

[Machine translation page] [Program currently off season] Make pizza in the field & pizza lunch on the farm


: 2500 yen

  • Area: Southern Asahikawa · Sounkyo Gorge
    Available time period:2017-08-05 - 2017-08-31
    Program fee: : 2500 yen
    Language: Japanese

    We will have a tomato vegetable pizza!

    Operator name
    Comments While looking at the corn fields in front of you and the mountains of Daisetsuyama in the distance, we will make original pizza with tomatoes and basils we harvested at our plantation! If you harvest your favorite vegetables, you topple in pizza with your own hands. After that put it in a stone oven and wait for a while, a pizza of moti mochi is completed with caliciousness!

There are 5 search results for the selected options.

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