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Furano "LOL" Wakasagi fishing · Half day tour


Adult (12 years old and above): 5000 yen

  • Area: ◆ Furano · Biei · Tomamu
    Available time period:December 25~ March 31
    Program fee: Adult (12 years old and above): 5000 yen
    Language: Japanese,English

    OK by hand! Wakasagi fishing half-day course!

    Operator name White Koala
    Comments Let 's enjoy Wakasagi fishing in Kanayama Lake which has frozen completely! You can eat wakame tempura on the spot ♪

[機器翻譯頁] Kanayama Lake ice fishing for Wakasagi (Japanese pond smelt). Fry and eat the fish you catch on site!


Price per person (includes Wakasagi frying and drinks): 5400 yen

  • Area: Furano
    Available time period:26 Dec.2017 - 8.Mar.2018
    Program fee: Price per person (includes Wakasagi frying and drinks): 5400 yen
    Language: Japanese,English

    The perfect winter activity! Let's try Wakasagi ice fishing on pristine Kanayama Lake! We fried your wakasagi (smelt) and you can taste it!

    Operator name Furano Nature Club
    Comments Wakasagi ice fishing on top of pristine Kanayama Lake! Not only enjoy fishing, but also frying and eating your catch on site!

[Machine translation page] Minamifurano Kanayama Lake ☆ Warm and comfortable ☆ Wakasagi fishing tour on ice Heating tent & warm exclusive rest area available


: 4000 yen

  • Area: ◆ Furano, Biei · Tomamu , · South Furano · Tomamu
    Available time period:2017-12-24 - 2018-03-25
    Program fee: : 4000 yen
    Language: Japanese

    Winter play, ice onion ☆ Fishing ☆ warm and comfortable ☆! Even if you are sensitive to cold and children are OK! We pledged to past tours and stuck to cold measures. ☆ Warm NRA exclusive resting place ☆ Tent inside heating complete ☆ cold shoes with warmer ☆

    Operator name NRA(ノースリバーアドベンチャーズ)
    Comments You can enjoy warm and comfortable winter festival in Hokkaido "Wakasagi fishing experience". As well as fishing tools, heating tents, cold shoes with warmers, warm exclusive rest area exclusive for NRA are also available, you can also sample fresh fish fish tempura. ☆ Warm and comfortable ☆ Fish on the ice fish, if you think, anyone can feel free to participate. Since it is a guided tour, you can enjoy it even for those who are new.

[Machine translation page] Let's play in winter in Hokkaido ☆ Pickup available ☆


Adult (12+): 4500 yen

  • Area: ◆ Furano Biei Tomamu , , Biei , Furano , - Minamifurano Tomamu
    Available time period:2017-12-23 - 2018-03-04
    Required time:2.5 hours
    Program fee: Adult (12+): 4500 yen
    Language: Japanese

    Fishing wagashi fishing tour which is indispensable this winter! Tempura fished caught on the spot, excellent ☆

    Operator name FUN Outdoor Activities
    Comments Fishing fly fishes indispensable in Hokkaido in winter! We have all the tools, so join us by hand! It is a tour that you can enjoy easily.

There are 4 search results for the selected options.

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