Farm Inn - Enjoy nature at a farm in Tokachi
We grow beets, potatoes, azuki beans, wheat, strawberry plants, and other vegetables on a 63-hectare farm. At Farm Inn, you can fully enjoy Tokachi’s grand scenery, delicious food, and fresh air. You can also harvest seasonal vegetables at different times of the year. Come farm with us under the blue sky. Drive a tractor Make tofu *And take home soybeans and nigari Make key accessories with egg art (Cut out and paint an ostrich eggshell to make your unique accessory.) Ingredients (1 serving) *Available from 2 people Dinner: Beef (with sauce) 200g, Daisougen no Houbokuton pork, rice balls, seasonal vegetables (e.g. onions, bell peppers, eggplants, etc.) Breakfast: Kamokudo sliced bread, fresh eggs, Daisougen no Houbokuton bacon, milk, seasonal vegetables (e.g. lettuce, cucumber, tomato, etc.) *Please prepare the meals yourselves. *Ingredients will vary depending on the season.
Murase Farm
Murase Farm has decided to start a farm inn that provides fun and excitement you can’t experience at common accommodations. You can stay from a single night up to a whole month. We look forward to welcoming you.

we travel me and my family 10 day aroud hokkaido and the stay at Murase Farme was the best of our trip. Host family are very welcoming, Cootage are clean and huge Country side is wonderful.. My wife love hammac... my littkle girl love dog.. My soon very appreciate tractor experience... And me i walg ealy the mmorning in the country side... Next time we will stay more than one day...merci beaucoup et a bientot
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