SNOW-SHOE TREKKING at Naganuma Haiji Ranch
Feel Hokkaido going through the nature. The special experience makes you so refreshed.There are many scenic places near Sapporo, without going to far resort area. We will show you the fine actvity as it changes from season to season.

My hubby and I wanted a white Christmas this year so we decided to visit Japan and spend time in Sapporo and Tokyo. We are both not very active people and have no prior experience in snow, hence we ruled out skiing. We chanced upon this activity online - Snow-shoe trekking and thought that it suited us perfectly. I sent a reservation request and had a reply within a few hours that my booking was confirmed. Hiro-san is the most attentive and experienced tour operator and with him, Tami-san is the friendliest and most engaging translator. With them, my hubby and I truly had an amazing time at the Naganuma Haiji Ranch, a most delicious lunch at a farm-style restaurant and the most delectable ice-cream at the best ice-cream stall in Hokkaido :) I had requested from Hiro-san to rent two pairs of snow shoes, thinking that our winterwear was sufficient to keep us warm. When we met Hiro-san and Tami-san at our hotel at 9am, they advised that we rent the full gear so that we would have free-play on the snow (to keep our own winterwear dry) and also, their gear is more suitable than our bulky ones. We heeded the advice and had no regrets, for when we started trekking, I realised that we would have been too hot and burdened by our thick wintercoats. There were several farm animals in the ranch – we saw an animal that looked like a llama, there were ponies, cockerels and hens, sheep, rabbits etc. We did some warm-up exercises with Hiro-san and Tami-san before setting off on our trek. The snow shoes were not easy to put on, Hiro-san and Tami-san kindly helped to strap us in and taught us how to walk properly on snow. The weather was perfect, it was sunny and the sky was blue with a smattering of fluffy, white clouds. We started off pretty slowly, since we were getting used to the snow-shoes, but as we walked I had time to look around and admire the serene beauty of the white landscape around us. At times, we chanced upon the pawprints of snow foxes, too bad we did not get a chance to see them. Hiro-san pointed out that the pawprints were all neatly aligned in a row, which meant that the foxes had moved in a straight line, treading on the same footpath or paw path. From this, I learnt to walk on the same path as Hiro-san, as I was directly behind him, and it was easier to walk, for he had already flattened the ground for me so that I need not waste extra effort to push and pull my feet through fresh layer of snow. We stopped by various sites to take photos, Hiro-san knows the best places for special photoshoots and helped take many great photos of us throughout our trekking experience (which he later 'air-dropped' to our iphone, so convenient!). When we had a short break mid-way through our trek, my hubby and I took turns to build a proper table out of snow. Alas, we could only put together an uneven, odd-shaped table, which served us pretty well as Hiro-san was able to place four cups and a flask on it for us to have some hot tea. How great was this! We sipped hot tea and enjoyed the peace and tranquility of our surroundings. My time in Sapporo was enjoyable, but I must say this snow-trekking experience topped my list of the great times I’ve had here. Hiro-san and Tami-san were so hospitable and kind, thanks so much for such a wonderful time, we’ll be back for more!
Hi! Wendy san,
Thank you for giving the review. That's awesome!
I appreciate it that you wrote about the tour in detail. You remember everything that you had and I can understand you had so much fun.
Have a happy new year.
See you again,
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