Smelt Fishing in Autumn at the Barato Riverside from Sapporo
Tour guide support kindly
Giro 21
Let's enjoy fishing in very popular Barato river about 30 minutes from Sapporo.

I visited Hokkaido in October/November 2016. I signed up to fish in early November. Jun was very accommodating, offering to pick us up at our hotel even though it was an hour away. We were very grateful that he was willing to drive so far. If not, we could've met him at the JR station. My companion and I fished for about an hour, but there were no bites. Jun tried to help by changing the bait and chumming the water, but we did not catch a single fish. My friend she said felt a nibble, but I did not feel a single nibble. The river was beautiful but very cold at that time of year. Perhaps the fish only run sometimes? I don't know, but it was disappointing. My suggestion would be that the website not say you can catch much fish, because that is misleading. Perhaps the guide should have a back-up plan in case nothing happens, as it is a lot to pay for standing around for an hour.
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