Japanese Calligraphy Lessons: Write Your Name in Japanese! A Great Memory for Your Trip
It all starts with learning the basic techniques: maintaining the proper writing posture, how to hold your brush, making ink (sumi) from a solid ink stick, and learning different brush strokes. After you cover the basics, practice writing "Nihongo/Japanese" 日本語 on Japanese paper (Hanshi). After your lesson please try to write your name in the fan.
Syodou Hana
Both adults and children enjoy this program! Of course, first timers are very welcome! Please come and learn how to write your name as your souvenir.

The Calligraphy was so amazing! I've never had the chance to participate in a Calligraphy class before, but I've always thought the characters were so beautiful. It was such a crazy experience, and I'll definitely never forget it.
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