Noboribetsu Hell Valley A former explosive crater over 450 meters in diameter at its longest point, covering an area of 11 hectares. Among the great “hells” of the valley floor are the Showa hell and Kenzan hells, which along with other sulfurous springs expel more than 3000 liters per minute. Natural Oyunuma Foot Bath *Closed from Dec to March The natural footbath at the Oyunuma River is a hot spring river that flows from Lake Oyunuma. The water is just the right temperature, and it collects at the footbath located at a small depression in the river. Dipping your feet in the water here stirs up the mineral-rich deposits along the river’s bottom. Lunch Mt. Usu ropeway for Lake Toya view Well-known as Japan's third-largest caldera lake, with 4 inner islands near the lake center. It has a circumference of 43 kilometers. With many hot springs along the lakeside, it is one of Hokkaido's leading sightseeing areas. Lake Hill Farm A local ice cream shop which serves tasty ice cream made of Hokkaido fresh milk. Mt. Yotei, a mountain called Hokkaido's Mt. Fuji by local people, is watchable in a fine day from there.
Treasure Island Short Trips
Door-to-Door private tour without others. No rush, enjoy nature and sceneries on your pace comfortably.
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