1. “An enjoyable moment to spend winter at SNOWLAND RURU MAPPU. We had great fun of snow activities” A very well organized and super friendly staff awaits visitors. We experience first hand their assistance every minute. There was no dull moment with them. They will treat and give you importance. Over-all, this site is highly recommended for those who wish to enjoy winter in hokkaido.
    Fun in the Snow at Snowland Rurumappu! With Taxi Pick-Up Service
    Hokkaido Takarajima Travel
  2. My wife & my two sons had our fishing activity with this operator last December 27, 2017. We came all the way from JR Sapporo Station and headed to Furano station for a 3 hours train ride only to be picked up late by the operator. I regret to say that we did not enjoy any minute this plan/activity. It is not worth the money we paid for. They had a very disorganized staff & they consumed so much of our alloted time. It was a very stressful activity from the time they picked us in Furano station up to the time we arrived at alpine visitor center where we had to endure changing clothes & boots. By the time we arrived at the lake, it was already late, very very cold & not a single fish was caught by our group. What we achieved there was fatigue & stress instead of enjoyment. For those who wish to avail of this plan, FORGET IT...This is such a waste of time & money...Very frustrating & disappointing. Look for a more credible site but not this one. Take it from someone like me who had a first hand experience of this site.
    Kanayama Lake ice fishing for Wakasagi (Japanese pond smelt). Fry and eat the fish you catch on site!
    Furano Nature Club
  3. Went on my own and had my first experience snow mobiling. It was amazing!
    Experience Snowmobiling at Oakwood Snowmobile Land! Beginners are welcome!
    Oakwood Snowmobile Land
  4. Hi! Wendy san, Thank you for giving the review. That's awesome! I appreciate it that you wrote about the tour in detail. You remember everything that you had and I can understand you had so much fun. Have a happy new year. See you again,
    SNOW-SHOE TREKKING at Naganuma Haiji Ranch
  5. I visited Hokkaido in October/November 2016. I signed up to fish in early November. Jun was very accommodating, offering to pick us up at our hotel even though it was an hour away. We were very grateful that he was willing to drive so far. If not, we could've met him at the JR station. My companion and I fished for about an hour, but there were no bites. Jun tried to help by changing the bait and chumming the water, but we did not catch a single fish. My friend she said felt a nibble, but I did not feel a single nibble. The river was beautiful but very cold at that time of year. Perhaps the fish only run sometimes? I don't know, but it was disappointing. My suggestion would be that the website not say you can catch much fish, because that is misleading. Perhaps the guide should have a back-up plan in case nothing happens, as it is a lot to pay for standing around for an hour.
    Smelt Fishing in Autumn at the Barato Riverside from Sapporo
    Giro 21
  6. May I know where is the place for the snowmobile course? We are a family of 5 , planning to cover Hokkaido from 2-11 December 2016. My children are aged 13, 16 and 22 years. regards, kim
    Ride at One of the Japan's Largest Snowmobile Park! With Taxi Pick-Up Service
    Hokkaido Takarajima Travel
  7. 06/6 price
    Hello! Thank you for your question. Please give us inquiry from 『Contact us』Button. Thank you.
    8 HRS. (private tour for a group)Sapporo and Otaru One Day This tour is for people who want to see the essentials of both Sapporo and Otaru in one day!
    Sapporo English Guides
  8. Hello!Thank you for your question. Course is No.3782. Please give us inquiry from 『Contact us』Button. Thank you.
    Dog Sledding near Asahikawa
    Moonlight Ladies
  9. Hello! Thank you for your question. Please give us inquiry from 『Contact us』Button. Thank you.
    Hot Air Balloon Free Flight Adventure ~See Drift-Ice from the Balloon!~
    Hokkaido Takarajima Travel
  10. Actually getting to do Japanese Calligraphy was so much fun. I learned many things, and got to write “some-what” beautiful Kanji. Also, getting to do it while wearing a Kimono really made the experience all the more fun.
    Japanese Calligraphy Lessons: Write Your Name in Japanese! A Great Memory for Your Trip
    Syodou Hana
  11. The Calligraphy was so amazing! I've never had the chance to participate in a Calligraphy class before, but I've always thought the characters were so beautiful. It was such a crazy experience, and I'll definitely never forget it.
    Japanese Calligraphy Lessons: Write Your Name in Japanese! A Great Memory for Your Trip
    Syodou Hana
  12. 04/29 Great!
    Thank you, Lam-san! That was a great experience for us, too. Please come back to "Friendly Farm" for making mochi! We are looking forward to seeing you.
    Organic Soy Bean Full Course Program for Your Beauty and Health ! (limited to 1 group a day )
  13. Thank you so much for your wonderful comment. We were really happy to spend time with you two, such passionate guests. We sincerely hope to meet you again in Hokkaido! Ciao!!
    Organic Soy Bean Full Course Program for Your Beauty and Health ! (limited to 1 group a day )
  14. My husband and I were very excited to go fishing and this tour seemed perfect. We waited and waited over 1 hour in our hotel lobby for David but never saw anyone who was also looking for us. Apparently the guide came earlier and left exactly at the time we were to meet. Very disappointing. Also we tried calling any available numbers to check if the guide was around but no answer. This made me very sad since it was our last day in Sapporo.
    Pick up / drop off from your hotel in Central Sapporo or at the station! A unique fishing, onsen and gourmet tour near Sapporo! Fish inside a warm tent with a stove! Experience this popular winter activity – Japanese smelt fishing, it has never been so easy!
    Frontier Fishing Tours
  15. 01/20 Thank you
    Thank you for your comment. We are glad to hear that you liked "Apple Tempura"! We hope to taste Indonesian fruits dishes someday. "ありがとう”!
    Farm Style Cooking - Soba and Mochi Making
  16. Hi Tarry san, Thank you for your inquiry. I would like to reply via email. Could you contact us from below contact form? [Please click "Ask us by Email" from below URL ] http://h-takarajima.com/detail/index/653?ml_lang=en Thank you!
    Drift Ice Walk!
    Godzilla Rock Sightseeing Drift Ice Walk
  17. 10/26 Enquiry
    Is this available between 5-11 Dec?
    For ages 4 and up! Kids snow adventure! 1 day course includes lunch.
    NOASC Adventure Tour
  18. Costs
    Early morning, SNOW-SHOE TREKKING in snowy woods, Sapporo
  19. Thank you so much for your wonderful comment! That was a memorable time for us too. We really miss your family. We hope to see you again in Hokkaido or Singapore.
    Farm Style Cooking - Soba and Mochi Making
  20. Thank you so much for writing such a positive comment! You two were always positive for everything, so we could spend a delightful time with you. We really hope to see you again.
    Farm Style Cooking - Soba and Mochi Making
  21. We(11 person) are interested in this gliding experience. will you provide this program in July 2015?
    Glider Experience - Enjoy Flying With the Birds and Playing Amongst the Clouds
  22. Great tour to see the tanchou, especially sunset at Otowa Bridge. The tanchou are majestic birds, worth of being Japan's icon. Thank you for the warm hospitality shown to me during this tour :)
    Meet the Japanese red-crowned crane! Listen to their echoing trumpet in the coldness.
  23. Great tour to follow & warm hospitality given by the team at Kushiro Marsh & River :) Thank you for showing me how beautiful Kushiro is & how warm & friendly the people are. I am honored to be this tour's first guest from Malaysia :) I will be back to Kushiro in the future! XD
    Winter Canoeing & Wetland Watching in Snowshoes [free pick up and drop off]
    Kushiro Marsh & River
  24. Thank you Mr. Toshi for a very fun and special day out in the snow.
    One day snow shoe tour -Take a trip to a primeval forest. Includes lunch and onsen (hot spring)!
  25. Thank you for your comment! Mrs.Yonemura and I were very happy to meet you two. We hope to see you again in Hokkaido, or in Singapore.
    Come to our cheese farm and try making "Raclette" and "Country Cake" with super fresh farm milk!
  26. 09/18 Hi
    Hi Dan & Kyoko I'm Alice, we r Taiwanese and my friends and I very interesting about ur dog sledding team. Can we make an appointment in Jun/16/2015 afternoon ? We had 7 persons, 4 male and 3 female. All adult under 35 age. If that's okay, please let me know and I will send u the detail information . Thank you very much and have a nice day. Alice
    Dog Sledding near Asahikawa
    Moonlight Ladies
  27. Dear Jackie. Thank you for your wonderful comment. It's my great honor. Sato-san and I also had a pleasant time with you. I really wish that your dream will come true. We are looking forward to meeting you soon. Thanks a lot.
    Organic Soy Bean Full Course Program for Your Beauty and Health ! (limited to 1 group a day )
  28. Is there any weight limit for the people to ride a horse?
    Ishikari Riverside Horse Trekking! A Private Plan to be tailored to your riding experience.
    Ishikari Horse Trek / Oshikoto Farm
  29. Thank you for your heartful comment. For us, that was an unforgettable experience. You are a wonderful couple and also a good team for pounding Mochi!I'm hoping that you will come back here and experience many other things. Thanks a lot .
    Farm Style Cooking - Soba and Mochi Making
  30. Dear Amanda, Thanks for your comment. I apologize that I ofend you. The outfit is very imporant to protect from unexpected weather changes such as raining, heatstroke and so on. We know some guests do not want to wear a hat, or do not want to rent a quick dry wear. However, we are resposible to all the acciedents. I hope you and future guests to undersand and keep our rules.
    Lake Shikotsu Kayak Tour 
    Otaki Outdoor Adventures
  31. 07/29 Dry suit
    can you tell me more about the suits you wear in the water?
    Drift Ice Walk!
    Godzilla Rock Sightseeing Drift Ice Walk
  32. 07/28 Good fun
    I was hesitant in booking this tour because I'm not so an experienced trekking. However I shouldn't have be worried about it. It was so much fun and beautiful. The guides are so lovely and they responded straight away when I booked this tour.
    <1 participant and above> Mt. Tarumae trekking and Hot spring tour.
    SAPPORO Kanko Bus Co.,Ltd
  33. 04/4 maps
    Before making a reservation whether on Hilltop course or Country Terrace Course, would you consider to put the map on the web site or send by request via email?
    Rental Mountain Bike
    Country Terrace Koropokkur
  34. Made the reservatiom for a snowmobiling lesson through the site in English. Arrived in Chitose station for pick up and no one was there. Called. (No English, but fortunately I speak Japanese, though not fluently.) They said they never received a reservation. I informed them I was calling with the number they provided me on my conformation email. They picked me up about fifteen minutes later. The snowmobiling was fun, with a well-timed complimentary coffee break. The scenery was beautiful, and the instructor a pleasant, fun guy. Since they lost my reservation they gave me a 25% discount, though I also didn't have lunch there, so I don't know how that figured into the price. I enjoyed it, and the lesson was very good, but they need to improve their reservation system.
    Enjoy snowmobiling (60, 90, and 120 minutes) and 10 Pound's original lunch set. ★ With pick up and drop off from the nearest station★
    10 pound
  35. hello, I stayed in Rausu for 4days last february, but unfornately it was not so cold, only -17° C and the sea was not iced, ... no cruise. ;( I have to come back again next year, please let me know about sea and weather conditions, keep in touch. Franco
    Drift ice cruise - photo shooting/birdwatching course
    Maruha Horai Suisan Company Godzilla Rock Sightseeing
  36. My husband and myself have a great time at the Lake Abashiri for Smelt Ice Fishing. Kanako Umebayashi and spouse are very friendly. They pick us up on time and the neccessary equipment for the smelt fishing are well prepared. It is a very good experience.
    Smelt Ice Fishing at Lake Abashiri - includes Tempura cooking onsite!
    Okhotsk Jinendo
  37. A Wonderful morning with the boat to the drift ice and more than 100 Stellers and White tailed sea eagles. We even saw a sea utter and several whales on the way back. A little chilly with -10 C but wonderful weather. Took more than 1000 photos on the eagles as close as 5 meters. Thank you for the tour
    Drift Ice & Birdwatching - Photo Tour 2.5-Hour Course
    Shiretoko Nature Cruise
  38. We are interest in half day cycling. Any good program option for us? People : 2 adult date : 11 or 12 mar 2013 Pls reply me by irisku88@gmail.com
    Full-Fledged Road Bike Tour With a Guide of a Pro Cycling Road Racer! – Pick-up from Downtown Sapporo – Half Day Cycling / Full Day Cycling
    Cycling Frontier Hokkaido
  39. 01/11 business
    i want to see your dairy farm because i am a dairy farmer in punjab (INDIA) IF YOU INTERESTED PLEASE e mail me dhir.brar@yahoo.co.in
    Welcome to our dairy farm house! Come and enjoy a taste of country on our farm!
    Oshida Farm
  40. 3 of us participated in a 1/2 day dog sled tour. the place was easy to get to from Furano (by train) and our guide met us at the station. we had the chance to meet the dogs face to face and even as we stayed back longer (waiting for our return train) got to help with feeding them. the sled ride was about 2km round trip track. it was a good experience and would recommend it to anyone looking for their first time dog sled or something short - as the weather was quite cold.
    Dog sledding tour! Half-day & Full day (Half-day 2km)
    NPO Donkoro Outdoor School
  41. It 's a very amazing experience and the guide is very helpful. Meanwhile, the track for snowmobile is very exciting and I will join it again in future and also would highly recommend to my friends

    Snowmobile Land Sapporo
  42. Coming from hawaii. Would like to book a tour for 2 adults and 1 child on jan 3, 4 or 5.. My email is mmi@hawaii.rr.com my grandson would love that.

    Hokkaido Takarajima Travel
  43. Enjoyed the whole lesson,it was fun even there is language barrier between us n the girl who taught us.but she is a very sweet n nice girl.love the ice cream n butter that we made.the lunch they provided also very tasty.will surely recommend to our friends who is going to Hokkaido!
    Ice Cream and Butter Making Experience at the Farm - Lunch Included
    Lake-Hill Farm
  44. It was the first time we had canoeing. The coach and guide was very good to communicate with us through his limited English and Chinese. My appreciation. The scenery was great and wonderful. Definitely will join next time. Recommended even for inexperience players like us. I would prefer a even much longer distance of journey next time. Anyhow, we will never forget this experience.
    Kushiro River & Kushiro Wetlands Canoeing - Quick 90-min Yamasemi (Crested Kingfisher) Course
    Toro Nature Center
  45. The tour is excellent and crews on board is very helpful!! We enjoyed the trip, thank you so much!
    Shiretoko Peninsula Cruising: Bear Watching
    Maruha Horai Suisan Company Godzilla Rock Sightseeing
  46. I went with my 8 year old daughter. The lady who taught us ride spoke little English, but enough to get the message across. The first ride was so nice that we decided to go again. During our second visit, they made it a point to make the course interesting for us, eg. bringing us deeper into the forest, through tall bushes where there was no trail, up and down slopes etc. It was fantastic! Thank you to those two lovely ladies who took us around!
    Hang Out With The Horse: 30- or 60- Min Horse Riding
  47. 08/9 aa
    Farm Inn - stay at this neat farm and participate in farming activities!
    Country Farmers Fujita Farm

  48. Available for 1 Month Only! Whitewater Rafting in Sapporo's Toyohira River
    NAC Niseko Adventure Centre

  49. Enjoy snowmobiling (60, 90, and 120 minutes) and 10 Pound's original lunch set. ★ With pick up and drop off from the nearest station★
    10 pound

  50. Enjoy Winter in Sapporo! Empty-Handed Ice Fishing!!And lets eat Lake Smelt Tempra on the frozen lake you just cought!!
    Hokkaido Takarajima Travel

  51. Snowmobile Land Sapporo

  52. Enjoy snowmobiling (60, 90, and 120 minutes) and 10 Pound's original lunch set. ★ With pick up and drop off from the nearest station★
    10 pound

  53. Dog Sledding near Asahikawa
    Moonlight Ladies

  54. Snowmobile Land Sapporo

  55. This is a one day course through the wintery Kushiro wetlands (free pick up and drop off). Choose 3 out of the 4 available programs.
    Toro Nature Center

  56. Walk by the river in the morning - let's see the natural wonders of wintertime

  57. Handmade pasta and tiramisù for dessert. A perfect dinner at our log house cafe, reserved just for you!

  58. Enjoy snowmobiling (60, 90, and 120 minutes) and a BBQ lunch Venison is also available! -- With pick up and drop off from the nearest station --
    10 pound

  59. Ceramic Art Experience [Dokidoki Course]
    Atelier Toh

  60. ★Walking in the Sky of Rusutsu★~Enjoy Tandem flight from the the mountaintop at altitude 715m♪

  61. Easy Canoe Touring in Jozankei, famous onsen resort in Sapporo (Free Pick Up & Drop Off at hotels in Jozankei)!
    Amuse Sports

  62. Beginners Welcome! Coastal Trekking Along the Sea of Japan (Beginners Lesson + Coastal Trekking 100 min Course)
    Frontier Horse Riding Club

  63. Enjoy the experience of making your own stained glass artwork! Have fun with a patient, courteous teacher!!!
    Stained Glass Atelier Giovanni

  64. Fishing at Niseko's Shiribetsu River in Waders
    Niseko Outdoor School

  65. Horseback Trekking: 60-min or 90-min Course
    Drover's Reservation

  66. Strawberry Harvesting & Strawberry Jam Making Experience
    Country Terrace Koropokkur

  67. 2-night 3-day birdwatching tour in East Hokkaido - Exclusive tour and stay only for one group!
    Poroto Guide Lodge

  68. Dog Sledding near Asahikawa
    Moonlight Ladies

  69. Come without equipment! Private ski lessons & rental package in the highlands of Teine!
    Japan Rental, Inc.

  70. Farm Inn "Lambda" & Farm Restaurant "Mu" of Suffolk Land Shibetsu
    Farm Inn "Lambda" & Farm Restaurant "Mu"

  71. Horse Trekking in the Okhotsk Area's Beautiful Nature [Forest Course]
    Abashiri Gensei Bokujo Kanko Center

  72. Strawberry Harvesting & Strawberry Jam Making Experience
    Country Terrace Koropokkur
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