Privacy Policy

Hokkaido Treasure Island Travel Company sees that the personal information acquired was of great importance and promises to ensure strict maintenance of confidentiality. The company uses personal information within the scope of the purposes of providing correct and useful information that will be beneficiary to our customers.

Definition of personal information
It refers to all information such as name, date of birth, address, telephone number, email addressthat we have our customers input during mail Magazine registration/membership registration/reservation.
Our company never discloses or provides personal information we gathered from customers to the third party and the information belongs to us. But it is excepted in the following case. Meanwhile, we will disclose the information as required by law or police authority under certain circumstances.

1. In case of providing information of mail magazine through our website.

2. In case the tour guide of the program require those personal information regarding reservation which was applied through our website.

3. In case of improvement of our website through analysis of customers application tendency so that we can expect better service for our customer.

4. In case of providing analytical result on condition that particular person cannot be identified regarding the above customer application tendency.

About change/delete/inquiry of personal information
If you intend to change/delete your registered information, please change/delete through the homepage of mail magazine.