hat!DogSledding Experience ♪Friendly Course <5~8km>

  • Program
    3 people 1 sled:35,000yen 
    2 people 1 sled:30,000yen
    1person 1 sled:21,000yen
    time period
    10 December-15 April
    ①9:00 - 11:00
    ②13:00 - 15:00
    Language English

Enjoy the spectacular scenery and crystal clear air while feeling the rhythm of sled dogs running and panting.

The Friendly Course is an easy course - perfect for guests who would like to sample the experience of dog-sledding.
The course is flat - with few hills and valleys, making it a good recommendation for tourists from overseas and families.
  • The course begins with an indoor lecture from your guide, greeting the dogs, harnessing them, setting the musher rope, and then you're ready for a thrilling start!!

  • Guests will not merely be passengers, but will be able to personally experience all of the actual elements of dog-sledding - including rope management during a run, audible instructions to the dogs, speed control through braking, disembarking from the sled and running, and pedaling (kicking the snow with one leg to assist the dogs).

  • After reaching the goal, it's time to remove the ropes and harnesses, reward the dogs with a treat, and enjoy some tea in the warmth of base camp. After relaxing and catching your breath, the tour will come to an end.

Program details
Program hat!DogSledding Experience ♪Friendly Course <5~8km>
Program fee

3 people 1 sled:35,000 yen
2 people 1 sled:30,000 yen
1person 1 sled:21,000 yen

Available time period

2018-12-10 - 2019-04-15

Available time period Detail 10 December-15 April
Required time About 2 hours
Requirements for participation ・Up to 6 people (2 sleds).
・5 years old and above.
Included in this fee Dog Sledding instructor fee, a pair of boots, Ski wear(only for Adult), hard hat(Helmet), snow goggle.
Meeting location Detail Minami-Furano Kita Ochiai 『hat!Base House』
Address of meeting location 6 banchi 308 Kitaochiai aza Minami-furanocho Sorachi.,Minamifurano-cho, Sorachi-gun, Hokkaido

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Pick Up Service Pick up service is available from Tomamu resort, JR Tomamu, Ochiai, Ikutora.

Payment method Cash on site.
Language English


Season opening dates will vary depending on snow pack and temperature.
Please note in advance that tours may be subject to cancellation due to a lack of snow or high temperatures - especially during the early season (December 10-20) and late season (March 20-31).

Dog-sledding is an outdoor activity which takes place in nature, and depending on weather conditions, the course can take longer or shorter than scheduled.
If the course is altered during the tour due to unfavorable weather, etc., or is ended earlier than scheduled, no refunds will be provided.
Regarding the participation of children under grade school age:
Children will only be allowed to watch and ride, with most guests being subject to extremely cold temperatures below freezing. During dog-sledding season the temperatures will range between −10℃ and −5℃, but in March we may experience some days ranging between +5℃ and +15℃.
Please consider and be absolutely certain of these conditions before applying to participate. Please note that we do not have separate pricing for children.

Regarding injuries which may occur during the tour:
Please note in advance that in the event of guest injuries which may occur due to a fall, etc., we may not be held liable in any manner.
(Of course, we will do our absolute best to provide appropriate care, including first aid and transportation to hospitals)
We can only be held responsible for injuries which result from dog bites against guests, collision with a snowmobile operated by the guide, or a fall while riding on a snowmobile.


If cancelled the day before: 50% of program fee
If cancelled on the day: 100% of program fee

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    Shuzo Terada

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    We have started our business as origin of outdoor adventure company in Japan. Our main fields are South Furano, but some interesting fields can guide for you! All season support your hope outdoor activity.


    The Friendly Course is an easy course - perfect for guests who would like to sample the experience of dog-sledding. The course is flat - with few hills and valleys, making it a good recommendation for tourists from overseas and families.

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    Company:hat! hokkaido advneture tours
    Address:6 -308 aza-kitaochiai Minamifurano-cho, Sorachi-gun Hokkaido

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