[Machine translation page] [Program currently off season] Winter Experience in Hokkaido Snowland Rurumappu & Lake Shikotsu Ice Festival Tour (Multilingual Audio Tour)

  • Program
    [Weekday] Adult: 6,800 yen
    [Weekday] Child: 4,600 yen
    [Saturday, Sunday and public holidays] Adult: 7,700 yen
    [Saturday, Sunday and public holiday] Child: 4,700 yen
    time period
    26 Jan. - 18 Feb. 2018
    About 8.5 hours (9:30am - 6:20pm)
    Language Japanese,English,Chinese
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    Participants are required to understand Japanese to join this program.
    Please apply for reservation on our Japanese page.

After plenty of snow fun, winter sightseeing tour enjoying the Lake Shikotsu Ice Festival!

Limited time only! Special bus tour that can fully enjoy winter in Hokkaido!

<Snowland Rurumappu>
Vast snowy field with a 360 degree panoramic view of the surrounding winter landscape, is where you will experience winter Hokkaido activities and lots of fun in the snow!
Inside the venue, there are banana boats pulled by snow mobiles, sleds, tube sledding, and rubber boat sledding you can enjoy.
There are also lots of quinzhees set up inside the venue where you can get a feel for Hokkaido’s winter atmosphere.

<Lake Shikotsu Hyoto Ice Festival>
A symbolic festival of Hokkaido being held for the 40th time.
The venue is held on the shores of Lake Shikotsu, where the temperature may drop well below minus 5 to 10 degrees Celsius, and sprinklers pump and spray the lake water to create frozen objects of many sizes. During the day, the objects glow a natural blue known as "Shikotsu Blue", while at night, they are illuminated with various colorful lights, creating a fantastical ambience.
Numerous vendors also can be found selling original Candy, as well as hot drinks and food.
*Disembarkation at New Chitose Airport possible, so you can even join the tour on the last day of your visit to Hokkaido.
  • Snow Tube sledding at Snowland Rurumappu. Fun for both children and adults.

  • All customers get one ride on the thrilling banana boats!

  • In the evening, the ice sculptures shine in colorful spotlights makes a fantastic atmosphere!

Program details
Program [Machine translation page] [Program currently off season] Winter Experience in Hokkaido Snowland Rurumappu & Lake Shikotsu Ice Festival Tour (Multilingual Audio Tour)
Program fee

[Weekday] Adult:6,800 yen
[Weekday] Child:4,600 yen
[Saturday, Sunday and public holidays] Adult:7,700 yen
[Saturday, Sunday and public holiday] Child:4,700 yen

Available time period

2018-01-26 - 2018-02-18

Available time period Detail 26 January - 18 February 2018
Required time About 8.5 hours (9:30am - 6:20pm)
Schedule ☆ Alight at sightseeing location
□ May choose to leave the tour at this point

9:30am Departure from JR Sapporo Station Bus Terminal
10:15am-10:30am ☆ Wattsu PA (rest stop) <15 minutes>
10:55am-12:25pm ☆ *1. Snowland Rurumappu (winter activities) <1 hour 30 minutes>
12:45pm-2:00pm ☆ *2. Eatup Buffet (lunch) <1 hour 15 minutes>
2:50pm-4:10pm ☆ *3. Lake Shikotsu (free time to explore the Hyoto Ice Festival) <1 hour 20 minutes>
4:50pm □ *4. JR Minami Chitose Station (CHITOSE OUTLET MALL RERA)
4:55pm □ *5. New Chitose Airport
4:57pm □ *5. New Chitose Airport International Terminal
5:20pm-5:35pm ☆ Wattsu PA (rest stop) <15 minutes>
6:10pm □ Sapporo Factory
6:15pm □ Sapporo Clock Tower
6:20pm Return to JR Sapporo Station Bus Terminal

*Tour may be cancelled due to inclement weather or traffic conditions.
group / party Please contact us 7 days in advance.
Requirements for participation - Minimum passenger: 1 person
- Child fee: aged 6 to 12
- Toddler is free. However, each paying adult may be accompanied by up to one toddler free of charge.
* Staff on site will determine whether those who are elderly or toddlers will ride the rafting boat instead of the banana boat.
Things to bring / required items - Warm clothes
- Winter gear
Because we will be playing outside in the snow, it will be extremely cold. Ordinary shoes will become very wet. Please be sure to wear clothing appropriate for playing outdoors. (There are no rental facilities for snow gear on site.)
Included in this fee - Round-trip transfer from/to JR Sapporo Station
- Snowland Rurumappu Experience Fee
* ride the banana boat 1 time (5 minutes for 1 rides / it will ride 5 persons at once)
* Japanese Sumo wrestling match in a bubble ball on the snow (one time per person, height and age limit apply)
* play as much as you want within the allotted time, either tube sledding, sledding in snow shoes, or checking out the quinzhees (4 - 5 persons per quinzhee at once please)
* one cup of hot corn soup (may change)
- Lunch (Japanized Korean BBQ & All-you-can-eat buffet)
Not included in fees - Drink at lunch
* Self-serve soft drink station (free refills) is paid for separately. (Adults, children and toddlers all pay ¥259 on site.)
* Alcoholic beverages are all paid for separately on site.
- Other, personal expenses
Meeting location Regular Sightseeing Bus Counter
* Please gather at least 15 minutes before departure time.
Meeting location Detail 2nd Floor of JR Sapporo Station Bus Terminal
Address of meeting location the second floor of the Bic Camera Esta Building, North-5 west 2-chome,Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido

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Payment method Please purchase a ticket on the day before 15 minutes before departure time.
Language Japanese,English,Chinese

[Multilingual Audio Tour]
This course is operated with a multilingual audio guidance system in Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean. Japanese guidance is also provided by the audio system. (A tour guide will be on board, but will not provide actual guidance.)


- ☆ Depending on the snow conditions, you may not be able to experience the snow park. In such case, the tour course will be cancelled.
- * 1. Because we will be playing in the snow, please take care of your belongings. (If you drop them in the snow, you will not be able to find them)
- * 1. Snowland Rurumappu takes extreme care in providing a safe environment for visitors. However, accidents may occur if you are not cautious, so please exercise control and caution when playing inside the facility.
- * 1. Using snowshoes can scratch your shoes. If this occurs, the facility will not be held liable for any damages.
- * 2. Lunch is Japanized Korean Barbecue and buffet style. Please note that if the lunch venue is crowded, you may have to share a seat with others. Toddlers (children under elementary school) are free. Content and number of dishes served for the buffet meal are different depending on whether it is a weekday or the weekend and holiday. (General customers can choose between Japanized Korean barbecue or Japanese 'hotpot' dish on the weekend. However, Regular Sightseeing Bus customers will have Japanized Korean barbecue for lunch.)
- * 3. Show your bus ticket stub at Restaurant memere, and receive a complimentary drink (coke, orange juice, Calpis, oolong tea, melon soda, amazake or green tea). All other drinks served at a 10% discount.
- * 3. The Lake Shikotsu Hyoto Ice Festival venue is very slippery, so please watch your step.
- * 4. Customers who wish to visit Chitose Outlet Mall Rera will be dropped off outside JR Minami Chitose Station for the short walk to the outlet.
- Customers who alight at JR Minami Chitose Station and wish to travel onward to the airport may use Rera's free courtesy bus service. However, customers who wish to travel into Sapporo will be responsible for their own public transit costs.
- * 4. 5. If there are no passengers getting off, we will not make a stop.
- Please make sure to keep to the allotted timings for sightseeing and departure at each site. If customers have not returned to the bus by the pre-arranged time, the bus will depart regardless.
- If no reservations are made by 6:00pm the day before, the tour will be cancelled.
- Please note that duration at each tourist attraction may be shortened due to traffic conditions.
- Arrival time for this course may be earlier depending on whether or not the facility is open or not, or limitations on tours.
- Please note that the buses may be delayed due to inclement weather or traffic conditions, so please allow ample time for transfers to other means of transportation.
- The tour may be cancelled due to disasters or other unavoidable circumstances, so please be sure to contact us about whether the tour is in operation during unusual weather.
- This course may be cancelled if the expressway is closed due to inclement weather and/or snow damage.
- No refunds will be given should customers choose to leave before the end of the tour.
- No smoking is permitted on the bus. We ask that customers who smoke do so in designated smoking spaces at sightseeing locations and rest stops.
- Please remain quiet when on the bus. We ask that customers set cell phones to silent mode and refrain from taking calls.
- Please fasten your seatbelts.
- Customers should refrain from standing and walking on the bus when it is in motion.
- Please check in advance when booking, as the sightseeing program may sometimes be modified without prior notice.
- Please make sure to take your bus ticket with you when leaving the bus at sightseeing locations.


The cancellation fee is 100 yen up to 2 hours before departure.
After 2 hours in advance, the customer will be responsible for all course fees. Please be patient.

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  • Masaki Hoshino

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    Hokkaido Regular Sightseeing Bus Tours & Ski Buses


    Special bus tour that can fully enjoy winter in Hokkaido! This is a day trip with "Snowland Rurumappu plenty of snow plays" and "Lake Shikotsu Ice Festival" set.

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