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No. 3997Program currently off season
~ Canyoning ~ Advance (Intermediate Course)
Natural water slider!!
Jump from the top of the rock!
Surprisingly challenging difficult river crossing!

Recommended course for canyoning experienced people! It is! A thrilling point! It is! While taking a full body of minus ions, this summer, I hope you will have another memorable memories that you can not forget! It is!

Canyoning is a river sport where you can feel a sense of unity and thrill with great nature that goes down a valley with one's own body according to the flow of rivers and streams.
Clear water and majestic rocks are breathtaking scenery. Fun with the tour is a natural water slider, waterfall diving (the jumps range from 3- to 8-meter-high into the deep canyon pools), climbing a canyon, and play a waterfall... throw oneself into the waterfall!

[Intermediate Course] is for those who are unsatisfactory in [Elementary course]. You can be further entered into a thrilling and adventurous appearance.

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Program details
Available time period

2019-06-01 - 2019-09-30

Required time
Approximately 3 hours 30 minutes ( including changing and moving) ① 9:00 ~ 12 : 00 ② 13: 00 ~ 16:00
※ Weather conditions · It varies depending on the number of participants .
Program fee
One person (18 years and over):8,000 yen
Included in this fee
Guide fee, Equipment Rental (below)
• Helmet / Life Jacket
• Wetsuit (Summer)
• Dry Suit (Spring / Summer / Autumn)
• Wet Shoes (Sneakers are fine if your shoes are nice)
Not included in fees
Burn all the pictures taken during the tour to CD - R and ship it at a later date.
【Price 1 piece ¥ 2,150 ♪】
How is it for memories of the trip?
Payment method
Please pay in cash on the day on the day.

Requirements for participation
Meeting location
Required Items
Requirements for participation
● Over 18 years old
● Minimum number of people 2 people
※ Even if you apply for 1 person, please join us if other customers who apply in the same time zone are available.
Meeting location
Parking lot of Tori Numa park near FB FURANO BURGER
Address of meeting location
Higasitorinuma Furano city,Furano, Hokkaido

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Things to bring / required items
Change of clothes set (including underwear), bath towel and face towel, etc. - insurance card (copy available)
If you are over the glasses, glasses strap

• [Summer] / Because you wear a wet suit, swimsuit and shorts, it is in T Shirts or wet clothes (such as easy-to-dry fabric material)
• [Spring / Autumn] / Clothes that keeps you wearing while wearing a dry suit (fleece, jersey, etc.)

○ Material that gets hard when wet like jeans The one of the one is impossible.
○ We will leave the use of the contact lens to the judgment of the person himself, but can not assume the responsibility such as loss or damage.  
○ Since watches and accessories may be lost and cause injury and dry suit etc. damage, please remove them during the tour and join.
○ Mobile phones · cameras · valuables · wrist watches etc. can not be brought to the tour. 
■ Depending on your health condition (including alcohol consumption), we may refuse the day. Even if we refuse participation from our company in drinking alcoholic condition, we can not refund your money. In order to ensure safety, we appreciate your understanding.
■ The tour is basically rainy schedule. Although it is rainy schedule, there are occasions when we are forced to suspend due to circumstances such as rivers. However, due to natural opponent, there may be a case of cancellation on the day. In any case, please acknowledge that we can not bear the transportation expenses etc to the site.
■ For safety, the course may be changed depending on the weather and water volume of the day.
■ Please strictly observe the meeting time. Late will inconvenience other customers, so please come with a margin. Please note that it will be canceled on the day and discount is not applicable for late arrivals longer than 20 minutes.
Cancellation due to customer's convenience, we will charge the following cancellation fee.
If you cancel your booking for your own reasons, cancellation fees apply as follows:
30% of program fee (3 days prior)
50% of program fee (2 - 1days Prior)
100% of program fee (on the day)

* After submitting request form, we [Flying Dolphins Adventure Services] will reply you by email.
If you receive the email from us, please reply that you received successfully.
If we don't receive reconfirmation, your request might be cancelled.
(If you are not able to receive our email, please check junk mail box just in case.)
* Please contact the full amount of cancellation without contact.
* If you can not participate in the late tour due to traffic jam etc., you will be charged a cancellation fee, so please make sure to have plenty of time on your reservation day.
Furano, Biei, Tomamu
Available time period
2019-06-01 - 2019-09-30
Required time
Approximately 3 hours 30 minutes ( including changing and moving) ① 9:00 ~ 12 : 00 ② 13: 00 ~ 16:00
※ Weather conditions · It varies depending on the number of participants .
Program fee
One person (18 years and over):8,000 yen
Operator Information
Operator Information
Ryuichi Sato (RICKY)


With various kinds of activities, we will guide you to a first-class nature of Furano, Hokkaido.


Canyoning [Intermediate] course! It is! I play with the body of the valley. A super recommended program that keeps your mind and body up to nature. There is no dog! It is!

Company information

Company:Flying Dolphins Adventure Services
Address:Shimizuyama GreenlandFurano Hokkaido